Friday, 2 March 2018

De-cluttering, DIY Care, and Overall Simplification

Hi lovely people!

Now... I wanted to just write a post about what has been going on in my flat... Since watching the document "Minimalism" by the Minimalist Guys about half a year ago, as well as reading "The Art of D'scarding" - alongside all the forward thinking with zero waste, zero plastic, home DIY, capsule wardrobes to name a FEW to make life easier, I have been de-cluttering my surroundings and also my mind!

I am not going DRASTICALLY in any direction, but I felt general stuff just piling up around me, and impacting an already stressed mind and soul. I have been casually going through all the rooms in the flat, and Kev has been going along with it - one by one, just a bag here or three bags there. But it wasn't until today I actually started seeing a difference!

Unfortunately, I don't have any before or after pictures, because it has been a steady process, but it already is starting to feel a lot easier to wander around in the flat, finding the essential things that I actual need!

Today for example, I donated three bags of clothes and accessories that had not been worn for half a year - aint nobody got time for those things just taking up valuable space! Also, the things are pretty and all, but I reckon there are others who can get much more out of it! I also found at least two bags worth of stuff that shouldn't have been brought into the home anyways as well that have been thrown out. You know those gadgets that they sell you at food festivals that you are convinced you DO need in your life, and they have like a bajillion different blades and basically do everything for you, but then you get home and realise it was a mistake, and that it is way easier just julienne things yourself rather than construct this metal-plastic combo every darn time you are cooking!

I have put all my ingredients in order in glasses so I can see what I have at hand when I do weekly meal planning on Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee in hand, and I have really just started to use all the different teas I have in the cupboard rather than just exactly - grab that cup of coffee instead.

Them beans though....

Also, I have ordered biodegradable bags instead of the usual refuse sacks, and I am going to start using the biodegradable poop bags for Alphonse instead of nappy bags... In TK Maxx the other day I found a beautiful recyclable bamboo lunch box, perfect! Instead of storing 30 odd takeaway boxes thinking they'll get used.

For my clothes, I was inspired by Try Living with Lucie - 5 Days of a Capsule Wardrobe. I wouldn't be able to do a capsule wardrobe, despite having one for Spring/Summer and another for Autumn/Winter, BUT I have noticed for example I only really use 7-8 of my favourite t-shirts and tops - so the other stuff went, I bought new underwear and threw out everything outdated (i.e a small hill of holey socks....) So I bought six pairs of new socks bamboo socks, kept the others I already had that were reasonably new. In turn, I got twice as much space at the end of it! Buying better quality for the future, so I can wear my favourite pieces of clothing forever! (Sort of)

And..... *drumrolls*..... I made some DIY things! Lip balm and toothpaste to be exact! Now, the lip balm is divine (Recipe by Refinery29), whilst the toothpaste... is unusual (general recipe on Pinterest) - the latter only because it doesn't have as many additives, and contains quite a bit of bicarbonate of soda which gives it a sort of savoury flavour. But my teeth feel squeeky clean! I was told that toothpaste should contain fluoride, and I am going to ask the dentist about it when I go in in a couple of weeks time - so I'll keep you posted on that! I'm getting used to the flavour now as well, so if my dentist says it's all right, I wont be buying any more toothpaste from the shop!

Toothpaste on a cobble stone.

Peppermint and Lavender lip balms! I am waiting on some candelilla wax to make a second batch, as this first batch was very temperature sensitive.

Other than that, things like swapping stupid plastic bottles out with shampoo and soap bars from for example Lush, is something I am going to do in the future - got my first soap and shampoo bar the other day!

I bought little tins to pop them in so they keep better. Whoop!

Anyways, after a long afternoon of organising and sorting out, Kev and I went out for pizza at a new pizza bar here in Glasgow called Basta! It was awesome, and when I asked for no cheese, the woman said "we do also have vegan cheese" - and my day was made!

How do you feel about less rubbish? Do you find it challenging? I would love to hear if you have done different things, or similar things to this and your experience of it all!

I hope you have a lovely evening ^ ^

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