Sunday, 4 March 2018

No-Time Smoothie

Hi! And happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend so far! Here in Glasgow most people I know got one or two days off work due to the crazy amounts of snow we've had! Today I have just plodded along doing housey things after catching up with several lovelies on Friday and Saturday.

What have you guys been up to?

I thought I would post this recipe up, as it is literally two ingredients, but it has become my go to smoothie! Pink, red, yellow - it can be whatever colour you like, the orange base just gives you a really fresh start-point!

No-Time Smoothie
(Serves 1)

1/2 cup frozen fruit or berries (ANY kind will taste delicious, here I have a tropical mix with mango and pineapple)
1 cup orange juice

- Simply blitz and enjoy! It really is that simple....

This is also a super easy way to get 2-3 of your 5 a day in one go! I've definitely needed these vitamin boosts this Winter, brrrrr!

What is your go-to snack/drink when you are in a hurry?

xox J

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