Thursday, 13 February 2014

Semolina Porridge (Semiliegrynsgrøt)

This is a recipe that takes me back years and years to when I was a toddler, up until the late years in primary school.
Sometimes instead of having a sandwich or snack in the evening, my mum would boil up some macaroni that she and I would share smothered with ketchup, or she would make velvet porridge or semolina porridge! I decided to recreate this long lost favourite (thankfully not lost anymore!) that is the semolina porridge, "semulegrøt" in Norwegian, but for some reason I remember I used to call it "semiliegrynsgrøt", for breakfast. This was a treat, and topped with some sugar or sukrin gold and some cinnamon, it is sure to hit the spot!

On it's own, this porridge might seem a little dull, but trust me, it isn't! I had to try my way with the amount of semolina, if it gets a little too thick when stirring, add a good bit of water or more milk!

Semolina Porridge (Semiliegrynsgrøt)
(Serves 1)

250ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
30g semolina flour
A good knob of butter
Brown sugar/sukrin gold and cinnamon for topping

- Heat up the milk in a small pan on medium heat, make sure it doesn't start boiling.

- Once it's gotten quite warm, add the semolina flour and stir almost continously with a whisk for a few minutes. Make sure the porridge is smooth and free of any lumps. Once it's getting quite a thick consistency, either add a little more milk or water and stir for a bit longer, or simply skip that bit and add the butter. I think I boiled mine for ten minutes, which was way longer than it needed, I had to add more water to the mixture twice!

- When you have melted the butter and stirred it through, it's ready to serve! Top with brown sugar or sukrin gold along with a little bit of cinnamon and enjoy!

You can also serve this with rasberry or strawberry sauce, chopped nuts and raisins along with cinnamon, or honey, syrup basically anything you'd top porridge with that's on the crunchy, fruity, sweet and fresh side!

Also, yesterday I came across these crisps in a health shop, and they were on sale!

They are delicious! Made with quinoa flour amongst other things. I had the Chilli & Lime flavoured one yesterday with a little tortilla-yogurt mix I made up, and they were delicious! They actually had a bit of a bite to them too, which I didn't mind at all! Might have to go back and buy some more! What are your favourite crisps?

It's almost the weekend!

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