Saturday, 21 December 2013

No Bread! Plan B(reakfast) Muffin

Ever woken up in the morning and craved bread for breakfast? Those times when cereal or porridge wont be good enough. I had one of those mornings a little while back, and I figured that there had to be some way I could get my "bread" and eat it to!

This makes one small "bread muffin"! I'd suggest making more than one once you get going though, juuuust in case you want another one. Or, you could make one that is bigger! The cheesy bits in the cottage cheese melts slightly throughout the whole thing, and I am so glad I came up with this! How many mornings have I been wanted, just a small roll or a slice of toasted bread with...something? Countless! But I prefer this to either of them, as it's freshly made.

I have tried this recipe three times now, and the most recent one was this morning! I actually swapped half a teaspoon of the cottage cheese with some tomato purée, and added a little bit of dried chives and oregano for a pizza version, and it was deeeelicious! You can pretty much adapt these breakfast muffins anyway you want - enjoy!

No Bread! Plan B(reakfast) Muffin
(Makes 1, about 130 calories)

25g wholemeal flour
Pinch of salt
Pinch of bicarbonate of soda
Pinch baking powder
2 tsp natural low-fat cottage cheese
Tomato purée, oregano and other spices optional!

- Heat a small non-stick frying pan up on medium heat as you are mixing all the ingredients for the "muffin" bread.

- Flatten it out until it is fairly flat, the size of a small tea-plate. Put it in the pan and fry a few minutes on both sides until cooked through and golden.

Your breakfast canvas!

Phew! Got my bread after all!
You can top with with a fried egg, soft cheese, ham, or whatever you want!

Recipe by yours truly

- Jules

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