Monday, 19 September 2016

Goat's Cheese & Spinach Lasagne

Got a date coming over for dinner? Or in my case cooking dinner with a friend?

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my good friend Anna, and we decided to go all out - Lasagne! Strudel! Wine!

And so it was that this happened - and let me tell you it was the easiest lasagne I have ever made, phew!

Goat's Cheese & Spinach Lasagne
(Serves 4-6)

450g spinach ( I probably used about half- and it turned out fine!), washed
250g goat's cheese
200g Mascarpone or Quark
1 tbsp red pesto sauce
A pinch of nutmeg
Salt and pepper
9 lasagne sheets
350g cherry tomatoes, halved
2 eggs, beaten
125ml milk
50g breadcrumbs
15g (vegetarian) Parmesan

- Pre-heat the oven to 190C.

- Now, have the spinach in a dry casserole and wilt on medium heat, stir often to prevent it from catching the pan. Tip into a colander over a sink, and let the juices run off into a container.

- Mix the goat's cheese and Mascarpone/quark in a bowl. Divide into two separate bowls and add the pesto and reserved spinach water to one half, and to the other - spinach, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

- Layer half of the spinach mix, scatter over half of the cherry tomatoes, place lasagne sheets on top and repeat using the remaining spinach mix and another third of the cherry tomatoes. Once you put the last lasagne sheets on top.

- To the goat's cheese mix - add the milk, beaten eggs, salt and pepper and pour over the lasagne. Sprinkle with the parmesan and cook in the middle of the oven for 25-30 minutes until cooked, hot and bubbly.


Other than that, I have gotten another throat infection and thus I can sadly not have date nights with lady-friends or my boyfriend tonight. I just want to be able to power through the week without getting to Wednesday and starting to feel my throat burn... Any hints and tips as how to work in offices and prevent being struck by fever every second month? I have gotten up to more cheery things before I got sick thankfully. A rum evening and seeing some good ol' colleagues - sigh, can't wait until I get my energy back!

Much love x

- Jules

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  1. A great vegetarian lasagna is worth its weight in gold!

    1. Definitely! :D Gold doesn't go as well with a glass of red ;) x

  2. Så koselig bord du hadde stelt i stad. Retten høres veldig god ut. Selv får jeg middagsbesøk i kveld selv, og på menyen står aubergin-suppe og grønnkål-chips, og så baker jeg brød for da blir sønn så glad :)
    God helg!

    1. Tusen takk! Ja, det var veldig godt! Rom kameraten min har blitt veganer på deltid, og steller istand masse gode veganske retter også, så det er koselig :)
      Så kjekt med middagsbesøk da! Håper det gikk fredelig for seg :)
      Baking er så koselig! Laget selv spelt brød og rundstykker to morgener på rad i helgen! Har man ikke noe og putte pålegg på, så mekker man det fint sammen i en fei :)
      God kveld til deg! xx