Monday, 31 August 2015

Light Zingy Salsa


The weekend that just past was a good one, and I cannot believe it is September tomorrow already!

But, there were a few rays of Summer sun over the weekend, and I felt like cooking up something delicious, that wasn't a salad. You can use this salsa as part of a salad though, or with pasta, rice - you name it! I had it with some mini poppadoms due to lack of tortilla chips - but it worked! I was surprised at how much flavour it had for being such an easy recipe, and I added some liquid smoke just for the hell of it. That stuff is magic!

Light Zingy Salsa
(Serves 2 with rice and a side salad, or with tortilla chips as a snack!)

1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion or half a bunch of spring onions, chopped
2 tomatoes, diced
1/2 red pepper, cored and sliced
1 tsp red chilli, chopped
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper
A good splash liquid smoke (optional)
Fresh coriander, chopped - to serve

- This is easy! If serving it with rice, remember to start cooking that, as this dish literally takes 10 minutes to make!

- Now, heat the oil in a medium casserole and add the onion, fry for about 5 minutes on medium heat until softened. Then add everything but the coriander and the white wine vinegar. Heat through, then use a stick blender and process until you have a smooth salsa. Stir in the vinegar and coriander, and serve with rice!

Oh... and guys before I forget, remember that review I wrote on Meadow Road cafê? Well, my camera finally decided to cooperate and here are a few snaps I was meant to post up for it! I was there yesterday as well.... That coffee!

Did I mention they make the best soy cappuccino? Yeh? Well, I just did it again *winks*

The almighty vegetarian platter with sundried tomatoes, beetroot hummous, this lovely red pepper salsa, dressed salad and Billy's bread! All the savouries are made behind the counter.

And lest we not forget the cakes! I have tried and approved theee peanur butter swirl brownie, the pistachio and rose cake, the ginger cake as well as their Summer fruit cake - perfect with a cuppa.

Caffeine... which I am sure most of you have had your fair share of today with it being Monday and all!

Hope you have had a smooth start to your week *smiles*

- Jules

Original source:
Hamlyn's Budget Meals, p. 26


  1. Mmm ser nydelig ut!! Er kjempeglad i hjemmelaget salsa, men har aldri laget noe lignende dette. Spennende! Enkel, kjapp mat er det beste synes jeg!
    God 1 september til deg! Er er det skikkelig høst i dag :O Har nettopp vært ute og lekt i regnet, men nå blir det nok kos inne resten av kvelden tror jeg :)

    1. Heisann og en god høst til deg også :) Så koselig og friskt med tur i griseværet :) Plaske i dammer liker jo lille S så godt!
      Tror du hadde likt denne salsaen altså :D Etterdønninger fra sommeren på en kjøligere kveld :) Jeg er nettopp hjemme fra jobb og trening, og nå blir det bare og kose seg inne, natta! xx