Thursday, 4 December 2014

Algerian Silk

One of my colleagues gave me this amazingly simple and, soon I come to discover - O so tasty Algerian recipe! I made a single serving for lunch, but I have doubled the recipe below, because you are going to want more of this for sure, of whip it up for a friend.

It's such a lovely, hearty and yet healthy dish. Add an extra egg if serving as a main with some toasted flatbread, but the recipe below will serve two as a filling lunch or breakfast.

I have made it three or four times since I first got the recipe... I might be addicted...

Algerian Silk
(Serves 2)

300g spinach, roughtly torn
1 large (or two smaller) cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/2 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
1 medium potato, diced
1 tbsp tomato purée
1 tsp smoked paprika
Stock to cover (vegetable, beef, or chicken)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 eggs

- In a pan, start by dry - frying your spinach on medium low heat until wilted, this only takes a few minutes, then add the chilli and garlic and fry until the spinach is completely broken down.

- Now, add the potato, tomato purée, paprika and enough stock to juuust cover. Season and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes until the potato is soft.

- Crack the eggs in and stir for a minute until the eggs are starting to cook, turn off the heat and stir for another minute before serving. You want the egg to be juuust cooked without the sauce to curdle, or that is what I did anyway and it worked a treat!

Enjoy either on its own, or with toasted flatbread and enjoy!

I loved how simple this was, and it's packed full of nutrition and protein, a perfectly balanced comfort meal, mmmmmm so good!

Have you tried Algerian food before?

Also, sorry for having been very un-Wintery on the blog this year so far, it's just that.... It's been so mild outside, and I have been inspired by so many different people and books recently, and finally gotten around to making some food that I have been meaning to for aaaages!

And when it comes to christmas, I find myself going back to the classics. I had a head-start in November when I made coconut macaroons for my colleagues, and last week I made some biscuits that will be up here in the not too distant future! What is your absolute favourite christmas bakes?

Thanks to my colleague and friend for this great recipe!

- Jules


  1. My stomach literally started rumbling when I saw this. This looks so good!

    1. Comforting and warm lunch in no time! :D I hope you give it a go x

  2. That DOES look like an awesome lunch, great idea! So creamy and comforting :)

    1. Agreed! :D I always struggled to figure out what to make with leftover spinach, but no more of that, cause now I have this :D x

  3. Oh don't worry about not being too seasonal on your blog! It's hard to motivate yourself if you're just not feeling it. I know how it goes!
    I'm honestly not a huge fan of Christmas baked goods... Of course in Germany, we have the famous "Stollen" which is a fruit and nut bread (and I can't stand it lol) so I try to make winter-spiced cakes and pies instead. Much more my speed!

    Besides, I think this soup totally hits the spot! I don't think I have had Algerian food before but this soup looks so easy and delicious, I'd love to try it! Thanks for another great recipe :)

    1. You are most welcome, I hope you like it! It's the perfect lunch or light dinner for any day really :) And perfectly balanced :) The smoked paprika just adds that little bit of extra goodness :)

      I have yet to try stollen, can you believe it? I have seen it so many places, but I want to have it properly when I first try it :) One of my friends are addicted to the lebküchen from Lidl and always buys lots of them now around christmas times, I personally get stoked when I see their chocolate covered marzipan, mmmm ^ ^ I hope to see some of your spiced biscuit recipes though, and pies! Mmmm perfect for Winter :) x