Saturday, 6 September 2014

Oven-Roasted Parsnip Fries with Stuffed Mushrooms

I came up with this little dinner when I fancied something a little pub-grubby but that was still not....quite that.

Oven-Roasted Parsnip Fries with Stuffed Mushrooms
(Serves 1)

200g parsnip (about 2), cut into strips
1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil + dash of water
Salt, pepper and onion powder for the fries
2 "breakfast" or portobello mushrooms
2 eggs
Seasonings (I used salt, black pepper, oregano, basil, chilli and a bit of smoked paprika)
Cheese of choice, either soft or grated, I used two soft cheese triangles that I halved
Vegan coconut bacon garnish (optional)
Dip of choice to serve with the fries - I would recommend sweet chilli sauce

- Pre-heat the oven to 170ºC.

- In a small pot, melt the coconut oil or heat up the olive oil on medium heat, and add the water. As you prepare the parsnip, chuck them into the pan as you go along.

- Sprinkle with the seasoning, place a lid over it and give it a good shake! Place the fries on a piece of baking parchment along with the whole garlic clove, and place it in the middle in the oven. Let them bake for about half an hour before turning them and roasting them for a further half hour

- Right before turning the parsnip fries, core the mushrooms so it leaves you with more space for the filling. You can finely chop the excess mushroom and mix it with the other ingredients, but you might find it bubbles up a little over the edges.

- Whisk together the eggs and spices and distribute between the mushrooms, top with cheese and vegan bacon garnish (if using) and pop them into the oven as you turn the parsnip fries. Half an hour later - dinner should be ready, serve with sauce of choice and enjoy!

Also, speaking of mushrooms.... When I was in Norway, I went on my very first mushroom-picking trip! I thought it best not to eat any of them though, as I found none of the ones in the "top 10 edible mushrooms in Norway", but all other kinds under the sun. Some of them looked like they had come from Mordor, creepy little things...

But they look pretty all laid out like this, yeh?

Also, in Norway - when I was visiting my granny, I mentioned I was hungry... She turned into supernan and then after ten minutes and a few rattling noises from the kitchen she came back with a home made cauliflower soup garnished with fried bacon and sugarsnap peas - say what?! It was amazing! I might have to try and make it in the near future, too good!

I stayed at my mum's place most nights there, and she has a little cat that's moved in with her who's called Ninni. People claim she's evil, but I just defended her, reminding them that she's only a moody girl, plus - she never attacked me, mew!

View from Askøy over to the bridge that leads you to Bergen town!

On the left, you see a picture from when my sister and I went to Godt Brød (organic bakery) on my last full day in Bergen, it's foccacia with garlic butter, pesto, roast beef and salad, yum!
On the right, you have "Fløibanen" which takes you up from Bergen city centre and up to one of the smallest mountains there - Fløien! My family always walk up though, it doesn't take long, and is the perfect walk pre-dinner, builds up your appetite y'know *smiles*

Left, I finally got a pony! Too bad it was made out of stone and thus impossible to bring with me back to Glasgow, dang! On the right you see lucky clovers from one of the forests on Askøy, and the leaves are heart-shaped and everything!

And on that note, I am declaring my weekend BEGUN! I have been working from Friday and up until today, phew, I can feel the post-holiday-back-to-work has taken its toll on me...
I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Any plans?

Recipe by yours truly,

- Jules


  1. Mmm those look so good! I love parsnip, these fries sound great too :) Looks like it was fun in Norway, I can only imagine what it's like over there...and your granny sounds like one good cook!! :D

    1. Granny is the bomb!
      I was surprised how well it worked to use coconut oil for parsnip fries, it gives it a little bit of a sweetness without being too overpowering with the spices, mmm!
      I hope you have had a lovely Sunday so far Missy! x

  2. Så gøy å få se litt bilder fra turen din til Bergen. Det ser ut som du koste deg veldig♥

    Healthy junk♡ Det ser nydelig ut! Det er så rart, for jeg aldri likt junk, men likevel elsker jeg å lage sunne versjonerav det, haha :D Søtpotet fries feks, nam! Og i går lagde jeg raw avokado fries, dødsgode! Skal poste oppskriften senere!

    1. Heisann skjønne du! Hehe, jeg liker "junk" mat jeg da, men er veldig glad i og lage litt sunnere versjoner av det som smaker enda bedre :) Laget søtpotetfries til pappa og meg når jeg var i Norge også en av dagene, hehe glad du likte bildene :D Er ikke så ofte jeg poster slikt, men en gang iblant :)
      Gleder meg til og se posten din om avokado fries, det hørtes vanvittig godt ut! Fortsatt fin søndag :) <3

  3. I love parsnips, what a great idea to make them into fries. That dinner looks lovely, I like the snacky-ness of the dinner :)

    1. Hey Kate, and thanks!
      Somedays I just crave a sort of tapas/mezze or pub-grub style dinner, and this totally ticked my boxes on such an occasion :) Definitely have a go at the parsnip fries, so good! x