Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dressing a lâ Iran & a Quarter of a Century Old

Today, I am a quarter of a century, and I feel - old...

I also went for a run this morning, and it was a bad idea - I didn't do that well and simply blamed it on turning a year older, not the fact that I haven't been running in...three months. I told myself that after though, and felt a little better for it. Yesterday I made a Norwegian cake that I will be sharing with you in the very near future, so keep your eyes out for it! Today I'm gonna get my baking on before having some friends over. I use this day as an excuse to invite people so I can feed them, and get my baking on - there's only so much cake I can eat by myself, and besides - it tastes SO much better in good company!

For now, I'll give you the recipe for a delicious little accompaniment that I made the other day. If you like yogurt based dressings, you will hopefully like this one as much! It has that subtle flavour of the sesame oil which works really well with the mint and currants, mmmmm.

The other night, I had a proper sit-down to think of what foods I actually have in the flat, searching for recipes that would only require for me to buy one or two things in order to make something.

Browsing through this really nifty recipe book I have, I came across a sauce, or a dressing more like, and I had all the ingredients AND was feeling peckish. Bingo! I found a lost little courgette in the fridge that I sauteed in a little bit of butter, garlic, salt and some dill (adding a bit of Scandi-ness to it all...) and served it topped with this delicious dressing, yum! The sesame oil in it really adds that extra flavour that makes this mix stand out. It was adviced to have it with salads and rice in particular.

I down-sized the batch and made enough to serve one to two people, it depends how much rice or salad you have that needs topped with it I suppose.

PS. I also added a bit more of everything in the dressing, because it looks and tastes nicer that way!

Dressing a lâ Iran
(Serves 1 to 2)

3 big tbsp or 100ml low fat natural yogurt
A squeeze of lemon juice
A few fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 heaped tbsp dried currants
A good pinch of salt

- Simply combine everything in a small bowl and garnish with a few extra mint leaves for show and serve with salads, or swirl through the rice to give it a little bit more of a flavour.

Like I said, I only had this as a snack and topped some fried courgette with it, and served it along side some home made rye bread and egg salad. You know what it's like when you are hungry and want - everything! Sometimes you just have to give in to it. And this time, it worked a treat! I will definitely be making this again, mmm.

This made for a delicious evening snack, and I managed to squeeze in my fifth vegetable for the day - score!

First guests arriving in approximately six and a half hours, and I am exciting! Gotta get my baking on soon, that will also be a Norwegian recipe, as I found the other week that despite having these biased cravings of lovely fluffy sweet baked goods, I usually find a recipe for someone else. Time to go back to my roots, gotta mix it up a little bit!

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!

Original source:
Friske Oppskrifter, p. 26


  1. Høres ut som en bra bursdag :) Minus løpingen. Jeg var flink i begynnelsen av semesteret. Og så ble det så mye skole. Og så kom resten av unnskyldningene. Nå har det gått så langt tid at jeg har funnet ut at jeg skal spare meg for skuffelsen. Så jeg holder meg til powerwalking. Fortsatt svett når jeg kommer hjem, men like fornøyd uansett! Du er flink! Kos deg med kake og besøk <3

    1. Gå er jeg flink til, var flink og løpe også men det gikk fort på ned med kondisen. Ble en god del gåing i dag også, det var koseligere egentlig :D Power walking er skikkelig god trim det også da, også koster det ingenting :) Vi er fjellgeiter vi, i tro Kattedal stil ;)
      Tusen takk Desi <3 Her skal jeg bli høy på sukker i dag vettu, har lov i dag, hehe ^ ^ Stor klem fra over sjø og land! x

  2. I adoreeee egg salad! This looks tasty. Happy birthday!

    1. *Immediately looks for the "like" button and fails* Hi Tashiana, and thank you so much :D xx

  3. Gratulerer med dagen igjen Julie:D ♥ Jeg håper du hadde en super dag- planene hørtes iallefall meg koselige ut!!
    Og den løpeturen! Det var helt klart det plutselige ekstra året som gjorde forskjellen ;)
    Dressingen høres nydelig ut- elsker mynte!

    1. Tusen takk! Hadde en koselig aften med mange fantastiske venner :) Er så glad som er så heldig som kjenner en slik godgjeng!
      Hahah ja, det er merkelig hvordan en plutselig gir alderen skylden, er fortsatt litt støl, haha :P
      Dressingen var utrolig god! Endelig fant jeg noe jeg kunne bruke mynten til ^ ^ God fredag! x

  4. Happy 25th Birthday Jules. May your year ahead be filled with laughter, joy and harmony :)

    1. Thank you so much Kat, you always post such lovely little comments on here :) Luckily rnough, I got to spend the day with a bunch of amazing friends who I'm so lucky to have in my life.
      I hope you are well and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead! *hug*

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (For last week!) I'm not too far behind you, I'll be 25 in 6 months' time - should I be worried? This yoghurt sauce looks delicious by the way, great for dipping samosas or drizzled over a breakfast dosa!

    1. Thank you ever so much! ^ ^
      You've got nothing to worry about, just keep cooking and doing what you do :) One thing at a time!
      I never thought about using it as a dipping sauce, but that is a great idea! Mmmmm, maybe you could try it out and let me know how it turns out, savoury samosas and creamy yogurt sauce have got to be a good combination! x