Monday, 4 August 2014

Coconut Fog

So I have recently discovered the cappuccinos of teas that is the Fog, or more specifically the London Fog - made with Earl Grey as the main component. There have been several takes on the Fog-teas, and I am pretty sure I heard that somewhere even had a Glasgow Fog too...I have to do more research (which basically means I just have to spend more time in cafês, which I am more than happy to do by the way! I'm addicted).

Anywhooo....I thought of trying to give it a bit of a tropical twist and so, used Coconut milk. It definitely gave it a bit of a different flavour, but in a good way!

NOTE: This will not be as sweet as the one you get served in cafês, but you can of course add more sweetener or some vanilla syrup if you want to.

Coconut Fog
(Serves 1 - tall glass)

1 tbsp agave syrup
1/3 tsp vanilla extract
A few drops stevia vanilla creme (optional)
1 cup Earl Grey
150ml Alpro coconut milk

- Boil up water for the tea, in the mean time find a tall heat-proof glass and have the agave, vanilla extract and stevia (if using).

- Now, brew the tea for a few minutes, squeeze the teabag and discard the tea bag - you don't want that in the glass!

- The final step is to heat the coconut milk in a small saucepan, once hot, but not boiling, use a milk frother and froth lightly (it wont froth up as much as milk) before pouring into the tea. Let it cool for a few minutes, before taking a sip, and hopefully approve of this lovely coconutty tea!

Have you ever tried a London Fog before, or made something similar yourself?

Recipe by yours truly,

- Jules


  1. God morgen Julie!
    Så spennende dette hørtes ut da, jeg har faktisk aldri hørt om Fog jeg. Men mmm, så godt det høres ut med kokosmelk i. Min favorittmelk.
    God dag til deg!

    1. Dette var godt! Jeg foretrekker originalen (som sikkert kan lages med soya melk som "fluffer" seg bedre opp), men syns denne hadde en fin tropisk tvist :)
      God dag til deg også kjære! Håper du har en nydelig uke videre <3

  2. Nothing foggy about this drink - yum!!
    I love that you used coconut milk and it's a super simple drink to make!! If only somebody would pay you (us!!) to go around cafes to do research haha ;)

    1. Awh, I could totally team up with you and quality check all the cafês, that'd be so good :D And thank you for your compliments as always, sitting here with a sneaky grin now ^ ^ I hope you've had an amazing weekend! x