Saturday, 23 November 2013

Marzipan Marbles

I wanted something sweet and I needed more protein. What to do, what to do? Wait! I remember seeing a recipe for healthy marzipan in one of my cookbooks. I LOVE marzipan, and these little marbles sure hit the spot when I wanted something a little sweet! You might remember the Cocoa Power Marbles I made not too long ago as well, which are pretty similar to these but has more of a chocolate flavour.

Also, I wanted to try and make velvet marbles, but these turned out to have more of an "adult" flavour. Know how when you were little, certain things didn't taste quiiite sweet and had a hint of bitterness to them? I still liked these velvet coffee marbles, but the plain ones won with a bit of a margin! I can imagine rolling these in dessicated coconut, cocoa or chopped nuts would take them to a whole other level for a fancier snack!

Marzipan Marbles
(Makes 12, 200 calories for the whole batch)

45g reduced fat almond flour
30g sukrin gold/sukrin icing sugar, xylitol or a few drops stevia
1 egg white

For coffee velvet marbles, add:
A few drops coffee extract
1/2 tsp pink or red natural food colour
1/2-1 tp unsweetened cocoa powder

- Mix almond flour, sweetner and egg white together until you have a nice thick marzipan dough. If you're making different kinds, divide them into however which many types you want. I decided to "only" make two kinds.

- Roll each part into a sausage before dividing them, and rolling them into marbles. Then, add whatever you feel likt to the other parts and repeat. So after I had made plain marzipan marbles, I added the cocoa, extract and colouring to the other half and repeated.

- Place in the fridge to cool for about an hour or overnight! Enjoy as a little treat with your coffee, as a snack, or perhaps a dessert!

Wolfgang certainly approves!

Original source for "plain" marbles:
Sunn og Sterk med Protein, p. 146

- Jules

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