Monday, 23 September 2013

Cocoa Power Marbles

Good morning!
T'is a new week and a fresh start! So why not roll up these little balls of deliciousness? I was really happy when I took a bite to find - that they were really good! Packed full of protein and it takes only five minutes to make! They're definitely worth it, and I can see me making these again in the very near future :D

Cocoa Power Marbles
(Makes 6, about 33 calories each)

30g chocolate protein powder
15g coconut flour
2-3 drops stevia (I used vanilla creme - optional)
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
4-5 tsp almond milk (can use normal milk)

To decorate: Icing sugar, almonds, melted chocolate, dessicated coconut - it's up to you!

- Start by mixing all the dry ingredients in a sall bowl.

- Make a well in the middle and add 4 tsp almond milk and the stevia drops. Mix with a spoon first, and then start mixing it with your hands once it starts getting incorporated. If the mix is still a little too dry (depends on the protein powder), add another teaspoon of milk.

- Roll the dough into a small sausage between your hands, and divide into six. Roll them into little balls, decorate if you want, and put them on a plate, refrigerate for an hour or two, or eat straight away!

I use a protein powder called Instant Whey (Native Whey) by Reflex, and I thiiiink they don't used artificial sweeteners, correct me if I'm wrong though! It is actually one of the best protein powders I've had so far. A little sweet, but hey! It's chocolate after all, right?

For the "decorating", I used sukrin icing sugar, almonds aaaand then I left two "eu natural" - SO good!

Oh, and on a super good note - After having been stuck with a stupid inflamed ankle for almost a month now, I think it is getting better. What I would give to get to run again! Perhaps soon, fingers crossed *sneaky smile*

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