Monday, 24 September 2012


I quote the book in which I found this recipe in:

"Skillingsbollene kan ikke forbigås. Men de må være bakt i Bergen, for en østlandsk etterligning kan ikke måle seg - det mener nå ihvertfall bergenserne selv!"

And I translate:

"Skillingsbollene cannot be walked past. But they have to be made in Bergen, because an East-end imitation cannot suffice - that is at least what the people of Bergen think!"

I know I have posted up a lot of sweetness and not any dinner-like food over the last couple of days, but I seem to have grown 365 days older, and so these things just have to happen.
This recipe however, is Norwegian! They might not have been made in Bergen, BUT at least hey were made by someone who was born an bred there. These didn't even last to see the evening through yesterday!

(Makes about 15 small ones)

200 ml milk
7 g sachet dried yeast (or 1 packet fresh yeast)
50 g butter
50 g sugar
600 g plain flour
Cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling
Egg for glazing

- Warm the milk until it's luke warm (if using fresh yeast, crumble it into the milk at this stage). Mix in yeast, butter, sugar and flour. Knead well, cover and leave to rise for half an hour/an hour until it's about twice it's original size.

- Once it's risen, place on a floured surface, and roll out to a rectangular shape, about 1cm thick. Brush with melted butter or water, and drizzle over a lot of cinnamon and sugar to cover the surface. Roll up the dough, so you have a long cinnamon log!

- Cut about 1,5cm slices and place the rolls on a tray with baking paper, the cut side down. Once you have done this with the entire thing. Cover the buns and leave to rise for a second time for about half an hour.

- Turn the oven up to 225°C. Glaze the tops of the buns with a lightly beat egg, and place one tray at a time in the middle of the oven. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden, and sprinkle immediately with some sugar so it sticks. Repeat until you have no more little rolls to bake, only fresh, warm, cinnamonny swirls to enjoy!

Original source:
Norges Nasjonalretter - En Matglad Reise i Vårt Eget Land, p136

- Jules


  1. Thank you Jules for posting this recipe. I'm trying to recreate some of the foods I grew up eating that my Great Aunt Signe made. Most Sundays (for years) we ate at her home on her farm here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. She always prepared meals as though she was still cooking for a a large number of farm hands. And she NEVER used a recipe. My young ears didn't always understand all she was saying because of her thick accent, but her food sure had a loud and clear message that could not be mistaken: I love you!

    1. Aw Katie Lynne - thank you so much for the lovely message, I really appreciate it! Signe is such a good old fashioned name, isn't it? Where was she from?
      Skillingsboller is a classic, and thankfully not the trickiest of bakes to make :) And you are absolutely right, back in the days they sure knew how to feed a crows!

      Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to dig into the "Norwegian" section here :) x