Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Pressed "delete" and Started Again A-New

Hello, and thank you very much for stopping by.

I created this blog in 2009 with the intention of updating it regularly, writing about bits and pieces of my life that I thought would perhaps be worth looking back at in the future. Three years later and here I am....Reading through my impressive contribution of three posts. I did read through it, and it put a smile on my face - yet somehow I decided to start again with blank pages.

Over the last couple of years I have taken to cooking, and after having discovered there are a lot of people who blog about food, adding recipes by themselves and others, I thought perhaps it would make me more creative and actually better at writing posts from time to time if I did the same.

I am a girl who up until today, had not had any accidents in the kitchen. A few hours ago, I decided to rattle up some nice homely food that remind me of Norway, where I was born and raised, until I decided to pack my bags and move to Scotland at the age of almost 19.
The cooking itself was going great up until I thought: "Hey, smells like someone is having a barbeque!" (It being Glasgow - Scotland, and for once having the sun paying us a visit, I thought that a barbeque was definitely not impossible) It turned out one of the choppingboards were leaning up against the wall, standing on...the stove, and what I thought had been sizzling Summer cuisine was, in fact, melting plastic. Moments later, all the windows were opened wide, and luckily now, the horrible smoke is all gone.

The remains!

Welcome to my blog. I am sure that the mentioning of me writing about cooking, followed by a story of how I failed to do just that (...wihout any complications anyway - as the food turned out to be quite tasty) has drawn you slightly closer to see what will come next, or even just to see if the second chopping board will last long enough to see another season through.



  1. Ser ut som noe jeg kunne gjort!! ;)

  2. Haha, nei Desi, det tror jeg faktisk du er lur nok til å ikke gjøre! Du er jo blitt så flink til å lage mat (enten det, eller så har du funnet ting og lage som er bombesikre...Eller er det Kim som steller i stand på kjøkkenet? Tsk tsk!)

    Kjenner du igjen den gule pelsballen forresten? Tok bildet i kjelleren til mormor! Digger de!