Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Long Time no See!

Right, so it has been ridiculously long since I have posted anything - but there were a few reasons for that.

1. One of my previous jobs were grinding me down mentally to the point of me just floating around wondering what I was doing with my life. Thankfully, I had amazing support, and I made some amazing friends along the way of recovery - taking a few steps back, a time out, and heal. Also - we got a little kitten!! His name is Alphonse and he is disgustingly cute. And yes, he totally came into our home at the grand old age of two months and totally claimed the flat. So this is his kingdom now!

2. I was working hard, feeling overwhelmed and also I was studying (floristry), I still am studying actually - and it is only part-time, but jeez; a lot of work nevertheless! This next semester will be a little more demanding than the last - but I will power through it!

3. Part of the feeling of feeling overwhelmed also meant that taking photos of every new dish I made, uploading photos and writing became a bit of a struggle... But I might just be able to handle that now - I reset my laptop yesterday evening and am ready to rumble!

So yeh, those are the main reasons - and also, I have been reading tonnes! In 2016 I set myself a New Year's resolution (I know, I know, but this was actually quite achievable!) to read a book a month, and I did it! And then continued with it into 2017 and read 18 books last year! Eighteen!!!! I love delving into other worlds and just let myself be taken away on adventures.
I started playing badminton again last year as well, which has done me all sorts of good beyong imagining! In September I joined a local club, and I'm telling you - the members there are the best kinds of people! My sister also moved to Glasgow last year - which was the best surprise! So we have caught up with a lot of time that was lost when she was living back in Norway.

In addition to this, on a more food-related note, I have been eating more vegan foods over the last half year (those of you who follow me on Instagram - Julie_Skogedal) will probably have noticed all those stupid little hashtags.... (my boyfriend is a little daunted, but I'll try and make my transition as smooth as possible, and I wont stop him eating whatever he wants - this is just a personal choice for me!) This year, I want to challenge myself to eating close to all vegan. Although.... Today, on day THREE I grabbed a bottle of aloe vera juice which tends to always be vegan, but I noticed hey had added honey in it, probably because it was out of a health cafe - but it is all just a learning curve, and I hope to discover loads of great new recipes and be forever inspired by my blog-friends too!

I hope you have had a good start to 2018, and I'll be looking forward to sharing recipes and adventures with you as we go along!

xox J


  1. Så fint at du er tilbake på bloggen Julie! Det har jeg ventet på :) Høres ut som du har hatt mye, forstår at du tok en pause!
    Så gøy at du prøver deg på nærmere vegansk nå. Det klarer du fint, det er jo så mye godt <3 Vanskeligste er nok som du skrev, når det plutselig er noe animalsk i mat man ikke trodde det var det i.
    Godt nytt år :*

    1. Godt nytt år skjønne du!
      Savnet og lese blogger og få ny matinspirasjon - men må trenger jeg det som mest! Veldig koselig og spise vegansk mat, føler at jeg har et lettere sinn 😊
      God torsdag! X