Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Falafel Dreaming

Hello good people!

I am sorry for being absent for some time now, the thing is - I had hit a bit of a blogger wall! My memory card is almost full, I keep rushing to photograph the food before it goes cold, I have had some kitchen disasters... We have all been there, right?

Earlier today, I had the idea of starting afresh, a blank canvas; a new all vegetarian blog! I spent one hour setting it up, only to realise that there is nothing wrong with my old blog, and I can always tweak it!

Yes Nokia, I will miss you... I might keep you just so I can occasionally play Snake though!

Currently, I am charged with new energy, a new iPhone (maybe I should try blogging on the go? Do you have experience with Blogspot VS iPhone? I would love to hear it!) and over the last few days I have also made a few tasty dishes that I know have to make again because - I didn't write it all down for my blog like I normally do!

In addition to this I have also gotten myself Pinterest and Instagram! And here I was thinking that at my grand ol' age of nearly 27 I was a technophobe! I suppose... I still am, and there are days where I miss my little Nokia from the Jurassic period, however now I will need my phone on the go as I am spending less time online at home.

You might have noticed, that I have deleted all the meat and seafood recipes, why? Because now with having been vegetarian for over a year, I felt it was time to have my blog reflecting that as there is no way I see myself going back to being an omnivore! So Spring clean has been had just now in the late days of July - and I feel better about it already!
I kept the "other" posts despite some of them featuring pictures of meat dishes - simply because I want to keep the posts real, the way they were written to begin with - because that is Julie at her most honest. Rethinking and editing and trying to word it all right again just seems pointless. So yeh! To get some hints and tips just click the "other" topic on the right hand side of my blog, and read away! Just note that some of them were written back when I didn't just eat veggies, nuts and fruit - it has been a long food journey and I am excited to continue it!

But how about you! What have you been up to? Ans what would you make RIGHT now if you had the ingredients?

I have a few things happening in my life, but all in good time - I just want to get back into blogging now! ^ ^

PS. Pics in this post is taken from Google... Also, I wonder if a lot of cats do like broccoli... I need to figure out how to make vegetarian doggy biscuits - so many things to do! Can't wait to get started! *smiles*


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    1. Hahah ja, prøvde og forandre på layout'en, men så teknisk tilrettet er jeg visst ikke :P Hehe, takk for at du fortsatt stikker snuten innom! Digger oppskriftene på grill burgerne dine :D x