Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tomato Rarebit

Rarebits is something I have never made - but now I cannot believe it took me so long to get around to it! These bad boys here doesn't take long, you just need a little bit of patience when it's under the grill.

I decided to go for the tomato one, this made a perfect post-run dinner! Not too heavy, packed full of flavour, and it hardly took any effort at all.

Tomato Rarebit
(Serves 1-2)

150ml milk (a little over half a cup) - I used coconut, but regular milk, soy or any other milk works just as well!
1 small bay leaf
1/3 onion, finely chopped
A knob of butter
1 tbsp flour of choice (I think I used amranth...I'm not sure!)
Salt and pepper
60g strong cheese (I used Gloucester), grated
1/2 tsp Mustard (optional)
A few drops of hot sauce (great alternative to Worcestershire sauce)
4 slices tomato (optional)
2 slices of bread

-Heat ip the milk in a small pot along with the onion and bay leaf, bring until it is just starting to simmer and turn down heat. Season with salt, pepper, and hot sauce.

- Heat the grill up to medium high.

- Add the butter and allow to melt before you tip in the flour, whisk until smooth (you can make a rue of butter and flour separate, but I was too impatient!), add a little more milk if necessary, but remember it is supposed to be quite thick. Turn the heat off.

- Stir through the mustard, and cheese and allow to melt. Spread over the two slices of bread and top with tomatoes (if using). Place under the grill and leave until it has become golden and crisp on top

Whatcha waiting for? Dig in!

And guys, guys, GUYS! How was your holiday?
I returned the green fields of Glasgow on the 28th, and my week away to see my family in Bergen, Norway was magical! Despite rain, I managed to adventure a little bit, and I got to see aaaaaaalmost everyone I wanted to catch up with, which was a relief *smiles*. On the second last day we had snow, and I got to throw some snowballs (on lamp posts, cause I'm a rebel like that...) and I had my first vegetarian christmas, which went really well! Turns out tomato pesto and walnut burgers work a treat alongside normal christmas side dishes!

Now it is back to life, back to reality *starts singing*, but the day after tomorrow, a new year starts and I could not be more ready! I am having a good few people over for the bells, and I just have to make sure we have snacks aplenty!

What are your plans for Hogmanay?

Original source:
River Cottage's "Veg Every Day", p. 209

- Jules


  1. Godt nytt år Julie!!
    Så bra at ferien hjemme i Norge var så fin. Tenker du på å flytte hjem igjen for godt en gang, eller har du liksom funnet ditt "andre hjem" i Glasgow? :)
    Spennende oppskrift. Jeg har hørt navnet før, men aldri laget noe lignende.
    Håper det nye året bringer med seg en masse godt for din del. Klem

    1. Godt nytt år til deg også Ragnhild <3
      Heheh jeg har alltid en årlig "dra-kamp" om Glasgow og Bergen, men Glasgow vinner liksom alltid :P
      Det går sikkert godt an og lage vegansk ostesaus som smaker vel så godt kan jeg tenke meg :) Håper du har nytt julen og nyttårsaften :) Gleder meg til og høre fra deg i 2016! x

  2. This dish is so yummy --- I haven't had it in years!

    1. Hey Sue, thanks! And happy New Year!
      Whip this up or perhaps find your recipe for it and get cooking :) It makes for a lovely lunch, breakfast or evening snack :) x

  3. This was like my childhood!! My dad would make something like this for me all the time when I was younger, and he said his dad did as well. But I need to explain it to my friends when I want to make some for them. I guess it's not as popular here in North America :(
    Also, I needed to Google what Hogmanay was. But hope yours was amazing!

    1. Hahah, well done on the googling Missy! I just made your creamy veggie soup, delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
      Hmmm yeh explain a rarebit, it sounds like a lesser spotted rabbit, BUT when you say cheesy-saucy-toast that should give them a clue :) If not - whip it up for'em! That is so nice you have it as a tradition to make it :D
      Happy new year Cathleen! x

  4. Så spennende! Ikke hørt om før, med grilla brød med ostesaus kan da umulig slå feil. Håper du har hatt en fin nyttårsfeiring :)

    1. Jupp! Og sausen kan mekkes alt ettersom hvordan du liker den :) Kanskje litthvitløk? Don't mind if I do!
      Tusen takk for at du stakk snuten innom, og godt nyttår til deg :D x

  5. Awww you had snow!! I am SO jealous!! Sounds like you had a terrific Christmas - a veggie Christmas, at that! Wow! Good for you!! Our Hogmanay was quite, just as we wanted it to be. We cooked together and barely managed to stay up until midnight haha!

    Now, this tomato rarebit looks scrumptious! I love that you can use any flour plus if I use my alternative bread, this can be totally grain free - I love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hahah yeh, thankfully after five days of rain, we got lots of snow on the last couple of days :)
      Your New Year's sounded good! Sometimes you just need a bit of quiet, even on holidays :)

      I used gluten free bread for this rarebit, so aye! You could definitely make it your own with whatever other normal bread substitute you have :) Thanks for your kind words Rose, I hope you have a lovely weekend! x