Monday, 13 July 2015

Meadow Road

"I do apologise, but I toasted the bread for you - I hope you don't mind", one of the guys working there told me as I was handed one of my new favourite things - the vegetarian platter. A few minutes prior to that I had just wondered why I hadn't asked to have it toasted, and I was just really happy that he'd taken that extra time to do so.

...No matter how low on silvers I find myself with by the end of the month - I always find myself sneaking off down to Meadow Road. A cafê that is humble in appearance but holds bold flavours, and it happens to be situated less than ten minutes away from where I live - a blissful curse, as I know I will be spending too much money in there, oh well!

I stumbled upon it one fine day when I went the opposite way from where I normally go. Intrigued, I looked in but it wasn't until a few weeks later that I went in. As I had made my order of a cappuccino, I was told that I didn't have to pay until later on - a nice touch I thought. It feels good when you are trusted in cafês, as well as not having to fiddle with change over the counter as you have only just entered, with the potential chance of dropping them all on the floor... at least this can wait until you're finished, and can make a quick exit (I am a bit of a cluts, and although this hasn't yet happened, I probably jinxed it just there).

A black, matte ceramic cup with matching saucer was placed in front of me, and the first impression was that it seemed a lot of care went into the making of coffee there, but holy smoke! It was served at perfect drinking temperature straight away, so I didn't have to wait for it so as to not burn myself - and this also prevents the milk from burning. The intense taste of the coffee hit my taste buds, but an instant later its smoothness accompanied it, a caffeine symphony made in heaven (or this case)! I also must point out that this is the only place I have been served a decent soy cappuccino (if you know of other places, please give me a heads up!).

Upon my second arrival, I had brought a friend along for a catch up - as it was around lunch time, we decided to share the cheese and the vegetarian platters, as well as trying some of the cakes (She had the delicious frosted ginger cake, and I went for the pistachio and rose infused one, delicious!). Since then, I have brought many a friend along, in fear of them not discovering it for themselves as it is a slightly hidden gem.

Plated up beautifully on wooden chopping boards, garnished with dressed seasonal salads, chutneys for the cheese. The vegetarian platter (which I assume is vegan as long as you don't have butter with it) consisted of home made delicious dishes such as beetroot hummus, roast red pepper tapenade, as well as sundried tomatoes accompanied by the aforementioned delicious bread! Perfect for someone who has just turned vegetarian, actually... even one of my omnivore friends highly approved!

The savouries, I was told - are all made on site, and the cakes and bakes are provided by Bakery47. Have you tried their peanut butter swirl brownie? They are delicious! Especially when shared with a friend, a cup of coffee on the side. The cafê and deli only opened in late January this year, and so it has only just begun, but my - I cannot believe it took me a good three months to discover... At least I have made up for it since, dropping by on most occasions I get. They also have their own little deli counter, where the dishes are, as well as quiches, veggie- and non-veggie sausage rolls are found. I had one of the vegetarian haggis rolls the other day and it was great! Especially with the neat little Summer salad featuring freshly chopped strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

The atmosphere is modern, yet rustic all the same, with (surprisingly comfortable!) bar stools and high tables along the windows, and the art on the walls is by one of the friends of the guys who run it - the girl's got style, as her down-to earth pieces add that little something too it, and goes perfectly with the interior. There are also a couple of pictures by the same artist for sale in the shop should you be interested!

Customers there seem to be of all ages, and they all seem to have the one thing in common - the appreciation of a really good cup of coffee. In addition to their nifty design, delicious beverages and food - the music there is great! Sure it varies from day to day, but usually it is the tunes that you know so well from back in the days (think 70s and 80s... the songs with that beat that just lifts your spirits) - other times, they might play alternative electro. One time when I commented on a song there I really liked and I was the only customer there, they ended up playing the entire album afterwards.

Meadow Road is all about the little extra that just make you feel welcome, at home. So no matter what occasion, whether you are flyin' solo or catching up with a friend, this place will see you through to the end. Should you feel adventurous, you could try one of their V60 and aeropress coffees or special blends; the fellas will give you advise depending on what type of coffee you like and they are always happy to help.

This is one of those places you'll be sad to leave, secretly cheer if it starts pouring down when you've just finished your coffee (Oh no! It seems like I need to get myself another cup of 'cino, what a shame....) and you have to stay for another while, and that leaves you feeling good hours after you've been there.

This was playing as I left earlier today, ha!

Need I say more? By now, you have probably have found yourself tying your shoe laces, just about to head out in search of this place, or if you live in another city, country, perhaps even continent - somewhere that could resemble it one way or the other. All I can say is that it is the best cup of coffee you'll ever have!

Meadow Road
579 Dumbarton Road, Partick

All photos featured © Meadow Road


  1. For en kjempefin anmeldelse!! Dit skulle jeg gjerne reist altså- hørtes ut som både fantastisk mat og fin stemning! Får vann i munnen bare av å se på de fristende bildene ;)
    Klem til deg

    1. Tusen takk Ragnhild! :D Er godt og ha en god cafê i nabolaget, på tross av at jeg bruker altfor mye penger der - men må jo kose seg litt også :) Så er de som jobber der utrolig greie!
      Klem tilbake frøken ;) xx

  2. Those sweet treats look so good!! And Meadow road sounds delicious too. I love little places like that!

    1. I know right? I've got to try and make some of those cakes one day :D
      I hope you have pretty little cafês like this in your corner of the world too Katrina <3 x

  3. Haha, that has happened to me to many times! When I don't ask for something toasted, and the guy behind me does, but then mine gets toasted anyways (score!)
    This place looks so cute, and their baked goods look more than tempting :)

    1. So good! Hahah :) Yeh I have to try and make cakes like that too :)
      I hope you have a lovely start to the week! xx

  4. I want to go there right sad that it's so far away!