Monday, 1 June 2015

Yogi Chai Chocolate Smoothie

Rose of The Clean Kitchen couldn't keep this recipe to herself, and now I can't either, seriosuly - it is soooo good!

Over the last few weeks, the smoothie craze has hit the food world, and they are whipping them up East, West, North and South. So it was Julie here decided to try her hands on one herself - I hadn't made smoothies in what seems like forever ago, and then this... Mmmmm...

The chai tea I used, was Yogi Yogi Chai curtesy of the almight Tchai Ovna (One of my favourite places on Earth!), brewed on almond milk and chilled for a couple of hours.

I am tempted to try it without cocoa next time, just to see what the flavours will be like then, but for now - chocolate, cause you know it's good for you! Make the tea the night before and you'll have this little number for breakfast in less than five minutes!

Yogi Chai Chocolate Smoothie
(Serves 1)

1 cup brewed milky chai tea, cooled for a couple of hours or overnight
2 chopped frozen bananas
1/3 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 tbsp maple syrup or other syrup (for vegan) or honey

- Add all the ingredients in a tall jug, and whizz with a stick blender, or use a blender until you have a silky smooth chocolate chai smoothie, sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy....

Possibly the best tea ever!

Also, yesterday I was feeling like I should do something productive, and so it was I decided to get some seeds and plant some stuff!

Peas and spinach actually! I was a little puzzled when the woman in the shop asked if I was going to do some planting when I was buying the seeds, not quiiiite sure what else they would be good for, hah!

Bad puns all the way!

I hope you have had a good start to your week, any plans? I was going to go to the gym after work today, but it was pouring down so badly, and I got drenched, plus my umbrella broke, soooo I think I will just try and do some yoga in the flat instead *smiles* How did you start your Monday?

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- Jules


  1. Så utrolig søte skilt du har i pottene :)
    Og denne smoothien. Mmmm! Den høres kjempegod ut! Du lager så mye spennende!
    Min plan for uken er å SLAPPE AV. Eller roe litt ned i hodet. Skal bare kose meg med S, trene laaaange yogaøkter, kanskje sove litt på dagen, og bare glede meg over sommerferie :)

    1. Tihi, laget selv - med mormor sin gamle skilt "pistol" :P Prøvde og komme på noen luddige navn :P Spinat og erter høres ikke så spennende ut, selv om det er kjempegodt!

      Mmmm avslappings er deg vel fortjent etter siste innspurten der! God sommer kjære :D x

  2. You picture is so gorgeous!!
    Wow, you were productive! I really want to plant stuff, but I am always afraid everything will die. Somehow, I even killed my cactus by under-watering it :(

    1. Thanks m'dear! :) Haha, I did get a little bit more done than I thought I would :P Herbs and chillies are quite easy to plant, or so I have heard :) Maybe give it a bash? ;)
      Hehe, I used to have cacti as well, and some of them didn't make it... Practise makes perfect :) x

  3. I am thrilled you loved the chai chocolate smoothie!! Yay!! I haven't made it in a while, it's about time I made another batch :) "Darn Hippeas" -- I'm cracking up over here! Yeah, not sure what else you'd do with these seeds... if there are other applications, I would like to find out! I hope you're having a great weekend, Jules xx

    1. Heheh, I know right? The "hippeas" are already growing strong, and I can't wait until it's harvest time in a couple of months - should all go according to plan :P
      And the chai smoothie was delicious! I thought I'd put a wee spin on it and use the Yogi Yogi Chai from the local tea house here, worked a treat :) I hope you are doing well :) x