Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tanzanian Mchicha

After having had a little bit of Tanzanian inspiration, and was told to listen to some African pop music the other day, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to look up some classic recipes from aforementioned part of the world. I haven't cooked African food in so so long, so it sure was about time!

Being a big fan of spinach, I did not hesitate jotting down this recipe when I came across it! I didn't have curry powder at hand though, so I had to make my own curry spice as I went along, which made it even more exciting when it came out actually tasting like it! I even had to make a phonecall to another cook who knows more about what spices belongs to what part of the world - I really need to improve upon my geography skills, both facts and foods... Anyway, here it is: Mchicha! Humble, quick, and packet full of flavour.

Tanzanian Mchicha
(Serves 3-4, served with rice)

3 tbsp butter (oil for vegan)
1 medium onion, chopped
1 large/two small tomatoes, diced
2 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp curry powder
1 cup coconut milk
700g spinach (I mixed frozen and fresh - use what you've got!)
Rice to serve

- Start by melting the butter in a large casserole, and add your onion, tomato, peanut butter, salt and curry powder, soften for about five minutes. Add a splash of water if it goes a little dry, and stir continuously.

- If serving with rice, please take this into consideration when cooking!

- Now, add the spinach and cook for 15-20 minutes until it has completely wilted, ten minutes in, you can add the coconut milk. Season to taste, before serving with rice.

I hope you enjoy it! I was surprised at how quickly it was ready - not a bad thing ;)

So, last week... I found a little mobilution in the flat...

"Nokia - connecting people...with the Julie", currently, I am using the second one from the top, the smart phone has a broken screen, but I don't mind, cause I need a phone with buttons anyway! The others work just fine, but it is funny to see how it hasn't really changed much for me over the years...

And yesterday, I had people over for Norwegian waffles and Scottish whisky!

I made a little waffle station and everything! Later on in the evening, we were invited to a little party some neighbours of us had, I haven't met them before - but I have missed just hanging out with the people who live around you *smiles*.

I also finished reading a book this weekend called "The Invisible Ones" by Stef Penney, it was a really good read!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have you been up to much?

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- Jules


  1. Yammi!! Nok en oppskrift som SKAL lages (må bare kjøpe spinat!), dette hørtes bare så godt ut!! Takk for fin oppskrift Julie :)

    1. Takk snille! Ja dette var kjempegodt, også har det masssse jern :D Hadde resten til frokost dagen etterpå - ikke feil :D Håper du liker det xx

  2. Love the idea of a waffle station! I'm sure that was a lot of fun :)
    Also, thanks for the book suggestion! I was looking for books to read during the summer (even though I am currently reading 2 books..)

    1. Thanks Cathleen! The waffle station was a hit ^ ^
      You're welcome! Hah, I can never read more than one book at a time :P I hope you like it though :) xx