Friday, 3 April 2015

Marzipan Kolibriegg or Humming Bird Easter Eggs

One of my favourite Norwegian Easter treats... are these marzipan eggs coated in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. We call them "kolibriegg" or humming bird eggs, which is weird because I am pretty sure the average adult humming bird is smaller than one of these sweets, wingspan included!

Either which way - they don't sell them in Glasgow, so I had to take it in my own hands and make sure I got my annual fix, as I missed out last year.
Instead of sprinkles though, I dyed some dessicated coconut yellow instead of multi-colour cake sprinkles, and it worked a treat!

NB! I used about 80g ground almonds because I used a large egg white. For vegan, you can replace with vegan egg substitute or syrup or choice, such as agave or maple.

Marzipan Kolibriegg or Humming Bird Easter Eggs
(Makes 5)

For the marzipan:
50-80g ground almonds (start with 50)
30g xylitol, brown sugar or Sukrin Gold (I used Sukrin Gold)
4 drops stevia vanilla or vanilla creme (optional)
1 egg white, or egg replacer, or syrup

25-30 g dark chocolate
1 tbsp syrup of choice
(I also used a little bit of cocoa butter to make the mixture more liquid)

Cake sprinkles OR dessicated coconut for rolling in
I used 1/3 cup dessicated coconut that I added a tiny splash of yellow food colouring to, a pinch of turmeric, and a little bit of vanilla extract - worked a treat!

- First, mix together the ground almonds and sweetener, then stir in the egg or egg replacer/syrup. You can use a spoon for stirring.

- You should end up with a slightly sticky dough, make sure to wet your hands with water when dividing them into 5 pieces and shaping into eggs. Once the eggs are done, you can make the dyed coconut if you are using that, if using sprinkles - move onto choooocolate!

PS. place the coconut/sprinkles on a plate so it is easy to roll the marzipan in it.

- Now, melt the chocolate over a "water-bath", but make sure to switch off the heat once melted so the mixture doesn't go dry.

- Coat the marzipan with chocolate - I did this by placing them one by one on a spoon and rolling them gently into the mixture.

- Now this is where it gets messy: Roll the chocolate covered marzipan in the coconut or sprinkles until lightly coated! Place either on non/stick paper or a serving plate. Repeat until all the eggs are done, and cool for a while until serving.

You can keep these in the fridge for a couple of days, and they'll get a little more solid then.

I wish you a happy Easter! And if you don't celebrate this holiday - you can always make these in different shapes if you want. Mmmmmmmarzipan!

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- Jules


  1. Ååå så fine, og så gode de høres ut! Deilig med noe skikkelig godt til påske <3
    Jeg håper du har hatt en fin påskeaften- min har vært afntastisk. Jeg elsker våren og jeg elsker å være utvilt ;)
    Klem til deg

    1. Takk :D Dette var luksus altså, også mye sunnere enn den i butikken :D
      I dag var det helt nydelig ute, så det ble noen timers turing i parken :D Så var jeg på en lokal musiker sitt plateutslipp, og det var så bra :)
      Kjempeglad for at du har hatt en vellykket påske også :D Litt mer energi i kroppen <3

  2. Um. I really need to make marzipan!! This looks amazing! Happy Easter! :)

    1. I concur! Easy peasy, and so delicious :D I hope you're having a lovely Easter too Cathleen! x