Sunday, 26 April 2015

Healthy Home Made Bounty Bars

When I was little, or big enough to go with my friends on our own, down to the local swimming pool, it was tradition to go on the vending machines after a little swimming session (Note: I have never been a good swimmer....But I tried!). We would maybe get a Klix drink from one machine for 5 kroner, or a chocolate bar from the massive chocolate vending machine, or just a fizzy juice. Either way, this was my first encounter with Bounty - which I then wasn't sure whether I liked or didn't like for some reason. It was one of those slightly "adulty" sweets, like marzipan for example....

Since then, things have changed drastically, and marzipan and anything coconut has become some of my favourite sweets and treats, and when I found a recipe for home made, healthier bounty - I. was. IN!

It only takes a handful of ingredients, and a little bit of patience, but not too much!

Make sure to leave the coconut milk tin in the fridge overnight so that the cream settles on the top, I used the coconut water and the remaining cream in a lovely Caribbean dinner dish.

Healthy Home Made Bounty Bars
(Makes 2 large or 4 small bars)

2/3 cup coconut
30-40g xylitol, brown sugar or sukrin gold
2 heaped tablespoons (about 60g) coconut cream
4-5 tsp stevia vanilla (optional)
About 40g dark or milk chocolate, for coating (dark for vegan)
Extra dessicated coconut for sprinkling

I made chocolate myself, by using my friend Ragnhild's basic recipe of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, syrup and a heaped teaspoon of nut butter.

- In a bowl, mix the sweetener and the coconut. Then add the coconut cream and mix to combine.

- Now, shape marbles or bars in whichever sizes you want, and place them on some baking parchment on a plate and place them in the freezer to allow to cool.

- Once cold/slightly frozen, take out, and then melt the chocolate or make your own chocolate coating. Roll the coconut bars in the dark chocolate and place back on the baking parchment, drizzle with coconut, and place in the fridge to set for 20-30 minutes, and you my friend have just made your very own Bounty chocolate!

A colleague asked me what had happened to my hand (cause I had a cut from the tin of coconut milk, sigh), and I told him I'd made bounty bars, he said "You MAKE bounty bars?! You know what you have just walked right into gotta bring them in here!". An so it was Julie trebled the above recipe and made 15-20 bounty marbles and brought in to work, needless to say they were gone by lunchtime...

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- Jules


  1. Nam nam NAM! Hjemmelaget Bounty er sååå godt! Og veldig koselig at du bruker "oppskriften" min på sjokoladetrekket- elsker å tilsette en knert med nøttesmør. Synes det gir så god konsistens!
    Så gøy at de var så populære på jobb :)

    1. Mange takk Ragnhild :D Liker best og bruke oppskriften din på sjokoladen ja, null tull - bare god smak, også så sunt også :D
      Kokosnøtt og sjokolade er en så god kombinasjon :D xx

  2. I'm SURE they were gone by lunchtime. Probably the first guy who saw it couldn't stop eating them. I mean, making your OWN Bounty bars? I think you are my new hero!
    I hope you are enjoying your week so far :)

    1. Hahah thanks Cathleen! I had to put one aside for the fellah who had asked me to make them so he got the last one, but yeh, pretty much all disappeared as soon as I took the lid of the box! They looked really cute in bite-size form as well, plus you get to make more ^ ^
      You should have a go and make them, I promise you wont be disappointed :D
      My week's been all right yeh! Pretty quiet, but I'll make sure to make up for that in the weekend, get my social times on :D I hope you have a great day! x

  3. Thanks for the recipe, my little girls and i would enjoy making this on Saturday

    wish us luck

    language of lust Program Lady

    1. Hi Monalisa! You are very welcome :D It isn't tricky at all, just a lot of fun - let me know how it goes! x

  4. I will <3 thanks for checking back..