Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Top Seven Eateries in Glasgow

And so I figured I would try and rattle up a post about some of my favourite places to go to eat in Glasgow. I have been to lots and lots of restaurants, pubs, some tea houses, bars and fast-food places over the seven years I have been living in this lovely sociable city, but a good handful+ have stood out.

You might have heard of them, been to them, or perhaps considered to try them out? I have added their websites, and unlike the posts with the food I make, the photos in this post was taken from google images, but I felt they represented the places, the way I got the impressions of them. The culinary-food scene in Glasgow keeps growing, and there is no way I am going to get to visit all of them, so if you have places you would like to add, please let me know in the comment field, as I would love to hear about them!

Note: None of these are in order of preference, apart from my Number 1, which is Nur - love that place!

My Top Seven Eateries in Glasgow

Nur - Egyptian

Perhaps my favourite restaurant in Glasgow to date! The location might seem a little odd, being on the outer side of the Clyde, but from Central Station - it takes about 10 minutes to walk over.
This hidden gem is perfect for any occasion, and the best spot is upstairs where there are low tables, cosy sofas and lots and lots of pillows. There are so many pretty things to look at, and the atmosphere is so relaxed.

As for the food, what can I say - I couldn't ask for more really! Generous portions, fair prices, and the neatest little finishes with garnishes and the like. They also have a selection of drinks other than the usual, and it is recommended trying the Egyptian hibiscus tea - hot or cold, as it is really good to have after a meal.

Baba ganough, and other spreads garnished off with pomegranate seeds and other goodies, with some delicious Egyptian bread, hearty and fragarant stews for a chilly night, or something straight of the grill (you can literally taste the flames - it's divine!), whichever you choose - you cannot go wrong, I promise!

I am so happy I stumbled upon this place, and am looking forward to my next visit. Usually I like trying out different restaurants when I am out, but I seem to somehow find my way back here regularly.... Mmmmm....

Mother India

If you're going out for Indian food, this is where it's at! Instantly I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. When arriving, there were no people there, but come a little past five - the place was buzzing.
Bookings in advance is the best, as sometimes you can find there to be a queue outside, and with good reason! The aromas from the kitchen sifting through the room, teasing your senses, under a dimly lit ceiling. Mother India consists of three restaurants, all quite small and cosy - intimate, and with a lovely staff.

I asked for something they would recommend, something special, and they even suggested having something made for me that wasn't even on the menu - Mutter or Matar Paneer. This was a lovely tomato-sauce base with diced and fried paneer cheese. I had this with some brown basmati green pilaf, and on the side we had one of my guilty pleasures to share - a fresh peshwari naan, delicious and freshly toasted!

Tchai Ovna - House of Tea

This might be the house of hundreds of teas, but they also have their own unique vegetarian menu. Although it might be a humble list of a few pages of foods - they vary the types of soups and curries regularly. But when they have their infamous falafel on the menu with some delicious hummous and pitta bread on the side accompanied with a little side salad, you don't really need anything else than a delicious warm pot of milky yogi yogi chai - it tastes of all the good things, and you can even buy some to take home with you - instructions included!
When I first started going here, I was in awe by all the beautiful little things there were to look at there, and soon I started calling it my "Glaswegian grandmother". You know when you go somewhere and just instantly feel at home?
The ever changing contemporary music accompanied with people from all over the world, regular events like gigs, poetry readings, this is the place to be.
The walls is even used as an Art Gallery for budding artists and you might end up buying a piece before you're on your way out, and back into the real world. The world "escapist" springs to mind, and should you feel a little adventurous; you might even brave yourself to trying the Dragon's Breath chilli tea!

PS. Their carrot cake is amazing!

PPS. They will soon be relocating unfortunately, so visit the original Tchai Ovna now whilst you can!

Nanakusa - Japanese

Fancy some amazing sushi, or just some hearty Asian food? This is the place! The interior combines both modern culture and the more traditional one, having dimly coloured coloured lights, and a really lovely old-fashioned ceiling and shape.
And as for the food? So good! So far it is definitely the place where I have had the best sushi to date, and the staff is always friendly, without being intrusive. The little starters that you could combine several of and just have a main, or an Asian-style tapas is also possible, and I have been tempted to do that on several occasions!
This is the place I also tried plum wine and sakê for the first time. They are both served in little urns, along with little glasses, perfect size of drink when you want to enjoy a proper meal out.
Price-wise they are also very affordable, and the portions are the size that portions should be, plus - you're going to want to try some of those delicious little starters too!

Bier Halle - German

This here German little beer hall was one of the first places that really was imbedded in my mind, and which I associated with cosy hang-out times as well as birthday celebrations! It is perfect for any occasion, be it a date, a catch up, a place to celebrate or... to take your cousin too when he is visiting from Norway.
The pizzas are incredible, and they also have a solid menu of favourites as well as some less-known combinations that might catch your eye (like the breakfast pizza with black pudding and fried eggs, or smoked salmon and pesto!). Even the humble vegetarian ones are packed full of flavour, and you'll be going out into the real world with a smile on your face afterwards (promise!).
It is also the place of the mighty stein - a beer glass so big that is basically the size of my face. When holding it, I felt like Pippin in the Prancing Pony in Lord of the Rings (Baggins? Sure I know a Baggins... Frodo Baggins. He's my second cousin once removed, on his mother's side and my third cousin twice removed on his father's side...if you follow me.) You do have to pay a deposit of £5 should you order one of these bad boys, but worry not - it will be returned after you have had your beer, and you also get a free hot dog, now how's that for a deal? They also do world wide beers and ales.

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen - Indian

Authentic, quick service, and flavours that you're not highly likely to come across elsewhere! I actually worked in the kitchen here for a couple of months, and you know how some places you feel like not eating the food that is being made and served in your work place because you get a little fed up with it? Well that was never the case here!
They have about a 50/50 meat vs. vegetarian menu, which makes it easy for people with all types of diets. Everything is made from scratch, and some dishes are not overly spices for those who should be a little sensitive to it.
Palak Paneer, the infamous Butter Chicken, as well as Sev Puri and Bhel puri (talk about street snacks!) are all served here, as well as the Dhal of the day, Bombay Badboy wraps, and more! Try the homemade Chai Masala, it's milky base and spiced flavour with a bit of ginger added - so good! Babu also sells food that you can take home as well, which is handy after a long day in work!

Taco Mazama - Mexican

Fast, delicious, fun and friendly... These are the words I would immediately think of if someone mentioned Taco Mazama.
This is where I took my father to get some proper grub after he first arrived Glasgow and had been travelling half of the day.
They have a variety of options, whether you want a mighty burrito, a lighter fajita, quesadilla, salad, burrito bowl or nachos. It is the perfect place if you want to treat yourself for lunch, and they also have a deal up for grabs around noon.
All their dishes, be it meat or vegetarian, melt in your mouth, and my favourite in particular is their aubergine and mushroom chilli, so good! The logo always catches my eye, I mean - how can you not love tribal lizards in bright orange (my favourite colour), right?!
Should you feel like tackling more than just one burrito, they also have the Burrito Challenge!

I hope you find this useful, whether you're a local or wanting to take a trip to Glasgow in the forseeable future!

What is your top three restaurants?

xox Jules


  1. Man, you are making me want to go to Glasgow just to visit these places! I don't feel like I have been living here long enough to have favorite places to eat...except for the pizza place near where I live :p

    1. One always needs a favourite pizza place though! I am sure there are plenty of nice restaurants in your town :) Maybe you can write a post of your own after a wee bit of research aka eat all the lovely food ^ ^

  2. Så mange bra steder dere har i Glasgow da! Jeg synes spesielt det te-huset hørtes veldig koselig ut!!!

    1. Vet du, jeg er så lei meg for at de må flytte lokaler, for der de er nå er helt perfekt! Er så glad i Tchai Ovna, men håper at de har stor suksess videre, det fortjener de :)
      Det popper stadig opp flere og flere steder og spise her, og alltid gode vegetar retter også :)
      Håper du har hatt en god onsdag! x