Friday, 6 March 2015

Curry Roasted Cashew Nuts

Hey and thank Faramir it is Friday! Have you had a good week so far?

I thought I would post up a recipe for an amazing snack that can also be added to salads, used as topping for savoury dishes, or had as part of a spread, I tried to add them to some cucumber and mango rolls, tasty combination!

These nuts are so versatile! You can top stews with them, roll them up in cucumber rolls along with some carrots and mango, or just eat as a snack, it really is up to you.

Just be mindful and keep an eye on these bad boys, as they don't need long to roast! I think mine took between 10-15 minutes.

Curry Roasted Cashew Nuts
(Makes 1 cup)

1 cup cashew nuts, soaked for at least an hour
1 1/2 tbsp curry powder (I used Chinese)
1 tbsp coconut oil melted
1 tbsp syrup, such as agave - you can also use brown sugar or xylitol
A drizzle of salt

- Start by pre-heating the oven to 190°C.

- Now, melt the coconut oil in a small frying pan along with the sweetener of choice. Turn off the heat, and have the cashews in the pan and swirl around until coated. Then add the curry powder and salt and stir until the cashews are evenly coated.

- Place on a baking-paper clad tray, and roast in the middle of the oven for 10-20 minutes, keeping an eye on them.

In the original recipe, she roasted them for 35-45 minutes. I was impatient and didn't soak the cashews, so mine were well-done after about 10-20 minutes.

I need to make more of these, have used them up already!

Have you roasted nuts at home using different spices yourself? If so, do you have any favourite combinations?

I used these s a snack, and rolled them up in cucumber with mango cut into matchsticks, and I also used them to top the vegan sweet potato and peanut stew - In that recipe though, I swapped the chilli powder for paprika and fennel and it went hand in hand with the curry spice - awesome! I love when you make little discoveries like that *smiles*

Have you got any plans for the weekend?

I am lucky enough to have charity events that my lovely friends (both called Anna, in fact!) are hosting! Both are pot-luck events, one is tonight, and another one is tomorrow at lunch time, I cannot wait! For the occasion, I made two quiches, one with leek and another one with caramelised red onions. PS. should you feel like quiche, you can find a really good recipe here, as well as some crustless quiches if you use the search bar!

I'll try and remember to take it easy at some point during the weekend ^ ^ I hope you have a fantasmic one!

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- Jules


  1. Oh man, keep me away!! I would eat this ALL the time. I can never stop eating cashews!!

    1. Why stop? Hah, I reckon you'd love the spice of these, Cathleen! x

  2. Yey :D Er ikke disse bare supergode!?! Må lage de igjen selv asap!
    Her går helgen som hverdag. I dag har jeg vært veldig effektiv. Sto opp 04.10 :O Og fikk unna yoga og bokskriving. Så får jeg konsentrert meg om studiet når S sover.
    God helg videre til deg :)

    1. De er helt fantastiske Ragnhild, takk for oppskrift!
      Skal si du var tidlig oppe i dag, puh! Må ikke slite deg helt ut kjære venn :) Håper du føler deg bedre xx