Saturday, 28 February 2015

Vegan Dark Chocolate with Pistachios & Sea Salt

Good morning and happy Saturday!

It is the weekend at last, and what better way to treat yourself than with some home made and healthy chocolate?

Have a square with your morning cuppa, or in the evening with a glass of red.

I was really excited to try out this recipe, and boy was I in for a treat! This chocolate is super dark and cocoa-y, just the way I like it (and hopefully you will too!).

You can substitute the nuts and sea salt for something else like pecans and cranberries if you like! That is one thing I love about this dark chocolate-base recipe, you can make so many alterations to it depending on how you feel or what you have at hand.

So without any further a-do *drumrolls* Chocolate!

Vegan Dark Chocolate with Pistachios & Sea Salt
(Makes 1 small cake tin's worth)

75g cocoa butter
2 tbsp cashew butter (or other nut butter)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 tbsp syrup (I used agave, but maple syrup works well too!)
5-8 tbsp unsweetened cocoa (depends on how dark you like it)

A good handful of chopped piastachios
A small drizzle of sea salt
A good drizzle of syrup, OR 2-3 tbsp sweetener such as xylitol, brown ugar or sukrin gold

- Start by having a small frying pan on low heat and add your cocoa butter, once it starts to melt add your cashew butter. Stir until they are both mixed well and melted.

- Now, turn off the heat and stir through the syrup, vanilla and the cocoa powder. Pour into a silicone cake mould, silicone cupcake moulds OR into something covered with baking paper.

- Drizzle with the pistachios, sweetener and salt and leave overnight to set (if you are impatient you can pop it in the fridge for an hour or so).

Break up into smaller pieces and serve along with a glass of red, as part of a spread, or just enjoy as a healthy treat - because you can! Or maybe a glass of spicy Chai Masala? You can find lots of recipes on how to make your own spice mix online ^ ^

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Any plans?

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- Jules


  1. That looks awesome! I've never tried making my own chocolate bars, I should really do it because it looks fun :)

    1. Hey! Thanks :D I have made chocolate before I made this, but then I only had coconut oil, and had to store in in the freezer to keep it from melting, still yummy though! If you have any chocolate shops near you, you can ask if they sell cocoa butter. The nut butter adds a little bit of a creamy texture to it ^ ^ I made a different type of chocolate a few days ago that I will post up in the not too-distant future :) It is a lot of fun, and I bet you could whip up some chocolate of epic proportions yourself :) xx

  2. Nydelig!!! Så koselig oppskriftene mine brukes.
    God søndag ♥

    1. Det skulle da bare mangle! Holder på og bli like stor sjokolade "misbruker" som deg nå! Haha, men bedre og ha sunn sjokolade i hus enn og spise mase usunt på sjokoladefabrikken :P *
      Skikkelig bra grunnoppskrift på hjemmelaget mørk sjokolade :D Håper du har en finfin søndag Ragnhild! xx

  3. Dark chocolate and pistachios? I'm all over this, and it's so easy to make!

    1. Yuppers! And thanks for stopping by Sue!
      If you need to "cream" it up a bit, you can add one of two more extra tablespoons of cashewbutter :) x

  4. Oh yum... I have a plan, now: to try and do this at home! (Need to go out and buy pistachios, though) Extra-yum in fact!

    1. Ahhh, I am so glad to hear it Alex! Hope you like them as much as I did! xx