Friday, 30 January 2015

Vegan Crunchy Peanut & Dark Chocolate Cups

It is time for something sweet! Don't you agree?

Now, I got to try out some cocoa butter from work, they are little pellet that are easily melted in a pan over a low temperature. Mainly it is used in chocolate, but it has become more and more popular to try and add to other recipes, or home made sugar-free chocolate.
Since I am surrounded in chocolate at work, I didn't want to go down the obvious route. This lead me to - peanut chocolate!

Vegan Crunchy Peanut & Dark Chocolate Cups
(Makes 7 mini moulds)

(two had already been "tested", y'know, gotta make sure they'll pass....)

For the peanut crunch:
2 tbsp cocoa butter
2 tbsp xylitol/sukrin gold/brown sugar
2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter

For the chocolate:
1 tbsp cocoa butter
1/2 tsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 tbsp xylitol/sukrin gold/brown sugar
2-4 drops stevia vanilla (optional)

- Start with the "peanut crunch" by melting the cocoa butter, this will take less than a minute. Stir through the peanut butter and sweetner until combined. Divide between mini cupcake moulds, or bigger one if you have taken the excellent decision of doubling the recipe.

- Now, repeat with the chocolate; melt cocoa butter on low heat, mix in cocoa powder and sweetner(s), drizzle into the moulds over the peanut crunch, and leave them to set in the frige for about half an hour/an hour until set, before serving.

I took some of these with me to work the other day and they disappeared within minutes! And I have made them several times now....

Crunch! My friends couldn't believe they were healthy, and loved the sweetness and the crunch. Perfect snack alongside your cuppa.

This morning, I also uploaded the pictures from my vegetarian "Rabbit Burns" Night Supper. The vegetarian compared to the meaty one tasted just as nice! But it's a little bit lighter, which means you can have an extra bit, yum!

Recipe by yours truly,

- Jules


  1. Cocoa butter, that sounds cool! I've never tried it, but I keep meaning to get my hands on some of that to maybe make vegan white chocolate or something...this looks like a great use too! I'm sure the were delicious :)

    1. Hey!
      Yeh, cocoa butter is great if you want to experiment making your own homemade chocolate :) Maybe you can get some cheaper if you go into a chocolate shop where they make their own truffles and whatnot :) It's pretty expensive in the other shops. But should you get your paws on it, the options are endless, and I am sure that with your creativity you could think of something delicious :) x

  2. Åååå disse ser og høres nesten dødelig gode ut!! :O Yum, takk for god oppskrift.
    Her ble det fiken- sjokoladekuler til kveldskos. Sjokolade altså<3
    God helg til deg Julie!

    1. Tusen takk Ragnhild! Disse var akkurat passe søte også, så er ganske fornøyd om jeg får si det selv, hihi ^ ^ Mmmm fiken sjokolade da, herlig :D Må jo kose oss litt ^ ^ God helg til deg også Ragnhild, og vel overstått innlevering av oppgaver :D x

  3. Wait...where do you work? I seriously need to be surrounded by chocolate!! Although, my boss made me brownies today, so it's sort of the same. I have been wanting to try cocoa butter for forever!
    I have got to say, this looks so good! I am seriously tempted to make these

    1. Hey you! Thanks for stopping by :D
      I work in a chocolate factory/cafê in town, hence all the chocolate, hehe :P Like I mentioned to June earlier, your best bet of getting cocoa butter will probably be in a chocolate shop! The ones who make their own chocolates :)

      A boss who makes you brownies sounds like a good one! I hope you had a lovely birthday and are enjoying your weekend :) xx

  4. oh wow this looks delicious! thank for sharing!


    1. You are most welcome!
      For days when you want something sweet and crunchy and peanutty - which is basically more or less every day right? ;) x