Saturday, 17 January 2015

Citrus, Ginger & Coconut Smoothie

I came across this recipe over at NITK and after having just bought an extra large piece of ginger (I always feel kinda bad when I only break off a little bit....) it seemed like the right thing to use some of it for!

This smoothie contains two of your five a day, and is a great way to detox your body a little. It's zingy, sweet and fresh - perfect when you need a little something to wake you up!

Citrus, Ginger & Coconut Smoothie
(Serves 1)

1 cup (about 130g) peaches (can also use apricots or pineapple, or a mix!), choppped
Optionally a few icecubes (or just freeze the fruit overnight)
1 cm ginger, grated
200ml coconut milk from a carton, not tin
1 tbsp coconut cream (optional)
Juice of 1 lemon or 1 1/2 lime
5 drops stevia

- Simply have all the ingredients in a blender or process with a stickblender until smooth, and serve!

The sunshiney-colour just wakes you up a little instantly!

Do you have any favourite smoothie combinations?

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- Jules


  1. I keep fresh ginger root (in a sandwich-size bag) in the freezer. When called for in a recipe, a grate the ginger, and back in the freezer it goes. I do not break off sections...

  2. Mmm, what a great smoothie flavor! Love the addition of ginger, that's a great one. I don't usually make smoothies (more of a cereal kind of person, haha) but I would slurp down this one :)

    1. Even have it alongside your lunch or dinner would be so refreshing :D Thanks for your kind words as always June :D x

  3. Superfresh!! Jeg er glad i ingefær i juice men husker ikke om jeg har brukt det i smoothie. Helt sikkert godt.
    håper du har hatt en deilig søndag. Jeg skal fortelle om søndagen min når jeg får klarsignal om at jeg får lov. Det har vært en lang dag! :)

    1. Tusen takk Ragnhild! Denne var superlett og lage, også skikkelig frisk ja!

      Spenningen er til og ta og føle på! :D Fortell, fortell!

      Min søndag har vært veldig god på tross av arbeid faktisk :D Nå er det bare og oppdatere seg litt på nettet og muligens se film før jeg kryper til sengs :) Ha en finfin kveld frøken xx

  4. This smoothie looks terrific, Jules! You're right, it's like the sun is rising :) I've been on a real juice kick lately so this fits my "program" perfectly. Yum! I haven't used Stevia in a drink yet so this should be interesting! I freeze my ginger. It defrosts quickly so I either grate it or cut a piece off.

    I don't really have a favorite combo but my favorite juice still is one I create last year; Apple Parsley Lime. It's green and super refreshing -- much like your Citrus Ginger Coconut Smoothie, by the looks of it!

    1. That's the second heads up I've gotten about the ginger, and what a good advice too! That way I can buy a big chunk and not having to break off a small piece, handy! :D
      Apple, parsley and lime sounds really lovely :) And I reckon you should give this one a go to if you're a ginger fan :)

      Today when a colleague and I treated ourselves to a meal out after closing the cafê, I had this lovely apple, cucumber and green tea spritzer! Totally not Wintery at all, but so tasty and refreshing :D x