Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vegan Dark Black Forest Chocolate

I thought it was about time for something sweet, preferably a little healthier than you're usual popping-candy-caramel-milk chocolate packed with e-numbers up to your ears. I know, I know, I totally sound like a spoilsport...but if you just hear. me. out!

You see, in my blog feed, a lovely girl called Ragnhild had made something that looked like the most delicious rick, dark chocolate - a black forest one! Once in the supermarket, I walked past some small, supersweet cherries, and in the basket they went. A day later - I made a batch of lovely little chocolates that I brought with me to my friends' for a Game of Thrones evening *smiles*

This reminded me of the dark chocolate layer that would lay beautifully at the bottom of these icecreams that my grandmother would buy, with cherry syrup swirled through it - heavenly!

PS. This is for serious chocolate lovers!

PPS. Coconut oil and cocabutter melts at low temperature, so you can make these raw as well

Vegan Dark Black Forest Chocolate
(Makes 12 large pieces or one giant bar)

75g coconut oil OR cocoabutter (original used cocoa butter, but I used coconut oil)
2 tbsp cashew- or peanut butter
2 tbsp cocoa nectar, I used syrup, agave will do brilliantly, and you can also use brown sugar
A pinch of vanilla, either fresh from the pod, vanilla sugar, or 1/3 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tbsp cocoa powder or cacao (I used the cheap and cheerful stuff, unsweetened)
A couple of handfuls of sweet cherries, halved and pitted
Cacaonibs for garnish

- In a pot, simply have the coconut oil or cocoa butter, along with nut butter, sweetner, vanilla and cocoa. Stir on low heat until combined. Taste the mixture and add a little more (about a tablespoon or so) sweetner if necessary. It will get sweeter once it's set though!

- Now, decide how you wanna serve them, so you want to make a whole bar, or perhaps use silicone molds for little portion chocolates. Pour it into the mold(s), top with the cherry halves (2-3 halves per little mold) and cacao nibs (if using). Now, set them to cool for about an hour. You can freeze them for half an hour to hurry the process along a little, but keep these refrigerated until serving.

Ready to pop!

Simply enjoy on their own, or perhaps with a cup of milky tea. You can also use this as the base for icecream, or swirl it through homemade icecream I imagine - it would be delicious! NB. Note that if you're using coconut oil, they might melt quickly if you take your time eating them, but you'll probably not be able to resist their chocolatey goodnesss for long anyway!

Have you ever tried to make home made chocolate before?

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- Jules


  1. That sounds amazing! I've never tried making homemade dark chocolate bars like this before but it looks awesome, I'll have to try this variation sometime. :)

    1. Thanks June!
      This was really easy, the most challenging part was waiting for it to set :P You can usually get cheaper coconut oil in Asian shops, they don't charge stupid amounts for it like the whole-food shops :) x

  2. Neimen, åååå, så koselig! Og åå, så godt!! Detvet jeg jo at de er ;) så gøy at du lagde din egen twist på den også.
    Håper du har hatt en fin helg Julie. Klem

    1. Selv takk, dette er en genial oppskrift! Fant ikke kakaosmør, så måtte bruke kokosolje, men det gikk veldig bra! Neste gang skal jeg bare lage en hel sjokoladeplate og knekke opp :D Håper du har hatt en finfin helg du også, og at kurset ditt gikk bra :D x

  3. Desse høres fantastisk gode ut! En kombinasjon litt utenom det vanlige, akkurat som vi liker det :) Det er jo ofte dei som er aller best ;)
    Ha en strålande Onsdag Julie :)

    1. Takk Linda! Ja, husker du de små vanilje-iskremene i porsjons plastikk-form som hadde mørk sjokolade i bunn og morell-saus svirret rundt i isen? Smakte nesten som det - Da ble jeg så glad ^ ^ Vennene mine har allerede etterspurt flere, og det er jo et godt tegn! Håper du har en strålende dag! x