Monday, 7 April 2014

Chia Pudding

So, this thing called chia pudding is a little something I have seen spread across the food blogs, and several posts in my newsfeed has been for exactly this!
I had chia seeds at hand, and I loooove almond milk, so I decided to give this a shot. And guess what? It's another vegan recipe! This is a lovely alternative to yogurt, or smoothies. Actually, you could probably use this as a base for a smoothie come to think of it!
Let your mind in control over what you want to add to it, whether it be crunchy granola, chopped nuts, spices, berries or fruits....and enjoy *smiles*

Chia Pudding
(Serves 1)

2 tbsp (1/4 cup) Chia seeds
1 cup almond mild
A few drops stevia vanilla/vanilla crême
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

- Simply mix the chia seeds and almond milk, stirring well - and set cold overnight. Or from morning to evening if having it as a treat after dinner or an evening snack.

- The next day, add the sweetner, and stir until the chia seeds are breaking up. Add berries, granola, nuts or other accompaniments of choice, and enjoy!

- I continued the whole piña colada theme and added two broken-up pineapple rings and a bit of the piña colada granola - tasty!

Pineapple in the middle!

Original source:
Several blogsites, this snack seems to become very popular these days! Note - some people don't stir it after having combined the almond milk and chia seeds and add the sweetners before it's left to set.

- Jules


  1. Åh, TAKK for denne oppskriften!
    Eg har kjøpt meg chiafrø og prøver å få i meg ett par spiseskeier daglig. Det blir som oftast til at eg blander det i smoothie, havregrøt, overnigt oats eller strør over yoghurten - men chiapudding høres jo skikkelig spennande ut :D Gleder meg til å prøve denne!

    1. VÆR SÅ GOD! Haha :D
      Har selv brukt det i overnight oats og elsker konsistensen! Dette er en litt lettere versjon selvfølgelig, og er super og bruke som basis for smoothier eller bare proppe full av bær og knasende granola! Håper du liker det ^ ^ Forhåpentligvis kommer den opp på bloggen din om det blir vellykket :D x

  2. What a delicious pudding, Jules! I love how easy this is, and the pretty pineapple garnish. Very wholesome snack or breakfast!

    1. Thank you! I must say it was a lot more filling than I thought it would be! Perfectly legit even on weekdays ;) So glad I tried it out ^ ^