Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Wee Soul Behind the Blog

For a long, long, looong time , I have been debating whether or not to make an appearance on the blog. I love when other's post pictures up of themselves on their blogs, because it is lovely to see who the minds behind these little places of inspiration are.

When it comes to showing myself? Well, that is a compleeetely different story! However, since it's a new year, a somewhat fresh start, and I am feeling a little brave, I reckoned I would post up some cringeworthy "selfies" (Jeepers, I dislike that word...a lot!) as a little hello!

Top left is me about a year ago in my favourite little tea house Thchai Ovna, next to it is when I was dressing up as a zebra for a fancy dress birthday party in aforementioned tea house, that was only a few months ago though.
Bottom left is in the aquarium in Bergen about a year and a half ago, and next to it is the obvious non-bat girl about a week ago or so! Haven't dyed my hair in over a year now, as you can probably tell! Right, I reckon that's enough photos that isn't blog-related for at LEAST another year and a half...

I would like to thank you for stopping by, and hopefully I will have a recipe up shortly to hide behind again!

What do you think about making blogs more personal? Most of the blogs I follow have at least a little icon of the person whose blog it is. Aaaaand yes, I know I have eskimo cheeks, call me Quinn if you like!

- Jules

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