Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pomegranate & Pineapple Smoothie

So you bought that pineapple in the shop in December because it looked pretty, and you come home asking yourself - what on earth am I going to do with this?! It's almost christmas! Well, eat most of it raw, as it's so delicious! And then if you have some left, why not use it with some leftover pomegranate seeds or maybe rasberries and make a nice smoothie? I found the pineapple I bought was one of the best I have ever had! Are they in season now, do you know?

Originally, you were meant to use two parts pomegranate seeds to one part pineapple, buuuut the pomegranate I had only contained 150g seeds, so I added some more pineapple for good measure. It was very tasty though, and I had this as a dessert after I'd made myself a Hawaii burger, a perfect little dessert after dinner.

Pomegranate & Pineapple Smoothie
(Makes 2 small glasses, about 95 calories each)

150g pomegranate
120g pineapple

- Right, this is probably the shortest "how to" there is on my blog. Have the fruit in a food processor and whizz until smooth, or use a stick blender. Add a little water if the consistency is a little too thick. Cool before serving!

Aaaaand speaking of drinks, I got four free samples of tea in a Wholefoods shop last week!

I have tried all of them now, and here are my honest review of the products:

Pukka - After Dinner

As promised on the package, it says it has tones of fennel, chicory and cardamom. It is aniseedy but in a lovely subtle way. Mmmm! Scandinavians do tend to be fond of their licoricy sweets, and this tea is no exception!
Seems I got to try the best one out of the lot first - lucky! But worry not, it's not all downhill from here!

Yogi Tea - Green Tea Ginger Lemon

Usually, the Yogi Teas are heavily spiced (in a good way, I may add), but this green tea of theirs is a little different. It is much lighter, and does thankfully have that lovely zesty taste through it - because I'm usually not too keen on green tea, but that's down to preference of course.

Dr. Stuart's Echina Plus

This tea, I was particularly curious about, mainly because of the name and the rather textbooky look of the packaging... The tea itself has a lovely red berry colour, but it smells of pharmacy and it tastes like it too... I know that isn't the most professional term to use, but then again, I am just a customer. I gave it an extra point on the dice because it is probably very healthy for you. I wont go near the stuff again though!

Pukka - Three Tulsi

The second Pukka tea out of the lot! I had to do some research and see what tulsi actually was, and it appears that it also is known as Holy basil, now how about that?!
I wasn't completely sure what I thought of this. It had a fruity taste, which I like, but there seemed to be a little soooomething lacking in the flavour. I wouldn't mind having it again though!

What is your absolute favourite tea?

Original recipe:
Friske Vegetariske Oppskrifter, p. 185
Dice photos are from Google Images, until I get my own photographs for them!

- Jules

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