Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Veiled Fitness Girl


Apologies for my absence, but something came up on the other side of the ocean (aka Norway, in my case) and so I had to go on my merry way and try and help out as best I could!

It was really nice to see my family, and I had felt like seeing them, and the trip I've booked for July seemed so far away! Overall it was a really nice visit, and I got to fit way more events into my five-nights stay than I had intended to, or even imagined! I visited granny, went for walks with and without my dad, went out for a few drinks with my cousins, cooked for both my parents, got to catch up with my sister, see my uncle and auntie, and visit my friend and her partner. Despite not being a fan of shopping, I actually had a few hours, buying some exercise gear, things for the kitchen, and slightly healthier cooking ingredients that I'd otherwise would have had to buy online. Now though, I'm back in business, back to work, and I've also taken a few photos along the way, that'll help me catch up!

This recipe is recreated by Kriweb, and when I saw it, I couldn't help myself and had to try it out! Originally it's called "Veiled Farmer Girl" but here we have a Veiled Fitness girl, probably a few times healthier than the original, but O so delicious! With only three ingredients and a dash of water, who can refuse a work-night treat like this after dinner? ...Didn't think so! That girl sure knows what she's talking about *grins*

Veiled Fitness Girl
(Serves 1, about 220 calories, depending on the yogurt)

1 tub of fat free yogurt, I used vanilla with muesli
1 apple, diced
1 tbsp cinnamon + extra sprinkle
A dash of water

- Start with softening the bits of apple in a small pot with a dash of water and about a tablespoon of cinnamon (...because I can't enough of that stuff!)

- Stir occasionally until you end up with a lovely, fragrant apple purée. Once done, get a medium sized glass. Start by scooping half of the apple mixture in, top with half the yogurt and repeat. If you're using muesli as your topping of choice (you can use chopped or grated chocolate, ground nuts or other goodies if you prefer), use a little bit of cinnamon so as to follow through the whole sweetly spiced goodness, and sprinkle on top!

Grab a spoon and tuck in!

Here is the yogurt I used when I made mine:

It was only until after I'd had five of these, with different flavours (red currant being my favourite!) that I noticed there are e-numbers in these little goodies, dang! Might have to stay clear of these next time I go back to visit!

Also I thought I should add a picture of the different baking products, all natural I might add!

Psyllium husk for baking, Sukrin icing sugar, surkin gold (with a caramel like flavour almost that melt if it's served on top of something warm), stevia sweet drops with Vanilla Crême and chocolate flavours. I have yet to decide if I like the chocolate one, but the Vanilla Crême is delicious!

Last but not least, my first pair of running tights! I found these on sale, pretty puddytat! There was also an Asics tights that I really wanted as well, but decided against it as I reckon I should at least see if I like running in tights. Usually I just run in some normal shorts.

I'm glad to be back and blogging again, and I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far!

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- Jules


  1. Nice! :)
    Håper du får en fin helg!

    1. Tusen takk Kristine! Har laget denne et par ganger nå, hihi! Kanskje jeg skal begynne og forsøke meg på noen originale oppskrifter selv, kjekt og kokkelere og eksperimentere! (Hørtes ut som Løken I pompel og Pilt nå *skummelt flashback* :P )
      God helg!

  2. Her var det mye digg til kjøkkenskapet! Og den lille desserten der så neimen ikke gæli ut den heller;-)

    Tightsen var utrolig stilig. Du får nok mange gode økter med den. Ha en fin uke, Julie. Hilsen

    1. Hehe, ja sånn kan det gå når en besøker hjemlandet *rødme* Får jo ikke fatt i slikt her borte!
      Desserten laget jeg faktisk både til meg selv, min lillesøster og pappa, og det ble en suksess :D

      Tightsen har løpt med meg to ganger nå, og den sitter som et skudd! Måtte unne meg litt godt treningstøy, motivasjons-boost! :D

      Håper du har en super uke du også! *stor klem*