Thursday, 28 February 2013

Moving Inspiration Ever-Changing

Since I first moved to Scotland in 2008 for the first time, I have done it another seven times. Gypsy, me? Hah, naaah surely not! It might seem like it perhaps, and it does feel like it everytime I start packing up once more.

At the end of next week, I'll start my ninth move - NINTH! One for each member of the Fellowship of the Ring... Everything always gets a little more stressful before a move, but hopefully I will be better prepared this time than I was the last time. Van has been hired, and some friends have kept aside some empty boxes for us.

Over the last year and a half, there have been so many things have have had to get used to. Not bad things, quite the opposite, but it always taken a while before getting used to the whole transition. In the current flat, I feel like we didn't have enough space. I was used to tall ceilings, big rooms, a warm atmosphere and feel to it - this flat has anything but that. As of next Saturday though, there will be high ceilings, massive rooms (with the exception of the kitchen), double-glazing, and a spare bedroom! There is also a trap door to a basement, which I will hopefully get around to funk up a little bit. It's only a little higher than myself from floor to ceiling, so I reckon some fairy lights, a rug, maybe a low table and lots and lots of cushions will be called for - what do you think, does that sound like a good idea?

It's strange, because everytime I move, I get a little nostalgic, get flashbacks from all the previous moves, and it reminds me on what a long road I have been on so far - we all have, right?

Despite the new flat being equipped with the smallest kitchen in any flat I have lived in yet, I will still be able to sneak in there and do my usual cooking. If I have to move parts of the work into the living room, then so be it! I don't mind, because the rest of the flat is so large and airy that I will have plenty of space to get my thoughts together and figure out what more I can make. I also have few ideas for some creative and more artsy projects that I might try my hand on as soon as we have settled down, painting, planting and catching up with my other hobbies.

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that this will be the last time I have to move again, at least for a while.... And that I will be able to find myself feeling at home, because that is where the heart is, right? I just have to funk it up a little bit, apparently we get to choose the colours for the walls too as long as we do the painting ourselves. In other words, there are a lot of things coming up for the near future!

Do you have any hints and tips for how to make a move as smoothly as possible? Will you get up to any creative projects over the Spring/Autumn(Depending on where in the world you live!)?

- Jules

PS. Neither of the photos in this post are taken or created by myself, unlike in my food posts!

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