Saturday, 9 February 2013

061 Broccoli Soup

First of all, a jolly good weekend to you all!

This morning I decided to make something omelette tastic for breakfast and here's what I came up with

This is just a simple omelette consisting of an egg, an egg white, salt and pepper and a dash of milk, served with a few slices of oak-smoked salmon and two slices of toasted delicious German rye bread!

And then we have the two-egg omelette with a few slices of torn Edam cheese, smoked ham, salt, pepper and some onion powder, served on two slices of potato scones. Bow-tie-Butterfly-style!

Earlier this week, I failed at making "cake-in-a-cup", I think I used too much common sense and tried to make it a little healthier, next time - I will do NO such thing, so that might be a wee project that will continue.

Secondly, I had a lonely little broccoli in my fridge that wanted to be used. In the original recipe, you're meant to use a kilogram of broccoli, but seeing as I am the only one in this flat who likes broccoli, and it made 3 medium servings, I thouht I might aswell give the recipe a go. I didn't have the goats cheese or gruyere that you're meant to top the soup with (1 slice on top of each or either goats cheese or gruyere), but it still tasted really nice! Here's what I did

061 Broccoli Soup
(Serves about 3, 100 calories each without the cheese)

How pretty do those cut off broccoli stems look?!

1 broccoli, about 300 grams, trimmed
1 medium potato, about 250 g, peeled and cut into chunks
800 ml vegetable stock
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste (I used quite a lot!)
Optional: 1 slice per person of either goats cheese or gruyere, to top the soup with

- Boil up the vegetable stock along with salt and pepper, and add the potato chunks. Leave to simmer for about 10 minutes until the potatoes is slightly tender.

- In the meantime, cut the broccoli into little florets. Once the ten minutes have passed, add the broccoli and continue simmering for four minutes until the broccoli is soft, but still has that nice bright green colour.

- Take the pan of the heat, and drain the potatoes and broccoli, keeping the excess liquid. Use a blender or a stick blender and whizz the vegetables until it is smooth, with no chunks. Now, you can add a little water at a time and keep blending it until you have the thickness that you desire.

- Fill up bowls of soup and optionally top with a slice of the cheese.

Original source:
Ramsay's Best Menus, number 061

- Jules

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