Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Seven Kinds

So, before I start uploading what might seem like a surprising amount of recipes for biscuits, macaroons and other such things within the next few weeks, I would just like to explain / yes, there is a reason!

In Norway, or possibly in the whole of Scandinavia, it is an old tradition - that most people don't really follow - to make seven kinds of christmas biscuits around the christmas holidays. OK, so it might seem a little over the top, but I sure didn't mind visiting my grandmother when I was little, only to find lots of tin boxes full of every kind of biscuit you could dream of! I would get to choose a few of my favourites, and it almost seemed like a privilege. The boxes seemed to never empty, and family member of the generation above me seemed equally eager, and you could see their eyes light up with excitement just the same.

This image is taking from google, seeing as I my project has only just started!

Seeing as I do have a blog about cooking, and I am very fond of traditions, I decided to give this a go. Now, let's see.... I'll make up a list of the ones I remember as my family's infamous "Seven". I already know I will have to leave one out, as you need a special cooking iron for making them. They're called krumkaker, and they are so simple, yet delicious - and the iron give them a lovely pattern. I already featured them in a post regarding the christmas market I was at about, hmm....was it two weeks ago?

Kokosmakroner - coconut macaroons/snow balls
Havremakroner - Oat macaroons
Pepperkaker - Ginger bread cookies
Kakemenn - Cakemen (I don't know of any equivalents to this)
Peppern√łtter - Pepper nuts, but they're more like ginger nuts
Glasurpletter - Iced flats (Just like with kakemenn, I don't know if these are common elsewhere)
Konfekt kaker - Confectionary biscuits, chocolate chip no less!

Like I mentioned though, I might have made a few changes to that list had I had the right cookie-cutters and irons to make them, but for now - this is pretty hardcore on a scale from 1 - christmassy, Santa Claus would be proud!

Something to look forward to, I hope *smiles*

- Jules

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