Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cranberry & Pistachio Cookies

It happened again.... I don't know how, but I know when... About 7 and a half minutes after I had popped these cookies in the oven, and they started to melt aaaaall across the baking tray, and colliding with each other, turning into an almost entire tray of cookie. OK, so that might not be such a bad thing, but it wasn't as pretty as I intended for it to come out.

After the first batch, I decided to use the little batter I had left and scale it down from a big tablespoon to a heaped teaspoon per cookie, and that my friend - worked a whole lot better!
I omitted the white chocolate chips in this, but do feel free to add half a cup as suggested in the original recipe. Usually, I don't like my cookies too sweet, next time though - I might just drizzle some melted chocolate on top, mmmm!

Cranberry & Pistachio Cookies
(Makes about 20)

4 tbsp light butter, softened
1 cup xylitol (or half and half brown and white sugar)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 cup flour
1 cup oats (OR use the opposite ratio of flour and oats for a finer batter)
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/3 cup shelled pistachios
1/3 cup white chocolate chips

- Start by pre-heating the oven to about 180-200°C.

- Now, cream the butter and xylitol/sugar in a bowl. Whisk the egg lightly until slightly fluffy and incorporate into the mixture.

- Then, continue adding the remaining ingredients, and give it a good stir!

- Place baking paper on a baking tray, or grease a baking tray lightly with either cooking spray or butter. Dollop (with a good bit of space inbetween each cookie!) a heaped teaspoon's worth of batter for each cookie, and bake for about 15 minutes until nice and golden!

I hope you like them, aaand that my advice prevented you from ending up with a baking tray-shaped cookie, I had to learn the hard (and tasty) way!

The tray of "failed" cookies, I should just pour the batter into the tray and make a huge cookie next time, hehe!

Also, I thought I would add a picture of the mushrooms my flatmate and his friends had picked last Friday

Aren't they beautiful?! The people, plus a lovely dog, came over to ours afterwards, and the mushrooms were tended to, sliced and fried, and we had them on toast - it was delicious! I haven't had chanterelles in aaages, but it is something you'd find in most Norwegian food shops, not so much in the UK for some reason, weirdly enough, cause we have roundabout the same climate here in Scotland, and...judging by the picture, there are obviously chanterelles growing here!

Have you been mushroom picking before?

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- Jules


  1. Så fint soppbilde ja! Pappa er en ivrig sopp-plukker. Det er så godt!
    Hihi, ja det var et brett FULT av cookies ;) jeg prøvde å bake cookies basert på mandelsmør for litt siden. Jeg brukte chia-'egg' og ikke noe mel, og de ble også seende slik ut.. men smaken var himmelsk, så jeg skal ekspremintere mer med oppskriften senere.

    1. Hehe, ja, nå vet jeg til neste gang og bare lage mindre kjeks istedenfor, for dette har skjedd altfor mange ganger nå! Chia-frø som egg hørtes spennende ut, har kun brukt flaxfrø til det før :) Men gleder meg til når du har funnet ut av det og kan dele flere spennende oppskrifter :)

      Soppen var heeeelt nydelig, og siden jeg er fra Norge, så var selvfølgelig kantarellen favoritten min, gjorde seg på en brødblings gitt :D Vi stekte noen sopp i smør, salt og pepper, og andre i olje - kjempegodt :D Kan tenke meg det er kjekt når far har vært ute og jaktet på sopp :) x

  2. Yay!! I love these cookies! I think melted chocolate on top would be fantastic!
    But I have never been mushroom picking. One of my friends is always telling me how much fun it is, but picking my own mushrooms scares me, for some reason.

    1. Yeh, thanks for the recipe Cathleen, these came out tasty, and you know what? They were even better a few days after I'd made them, seem to have "set" a little more and crisped up, yum! Had the last one yesterday, so tasty!
      I'm scared I'd do something wrong if picking mushrooms too, buuuut there are always books you can get about it, and if your friend is already into it, maybe you can join? The season is apparently just starting now :) x