Monday, 20 January 2014


Have you noticed that certain ingredients on some food blogs are unfamiliar to you, and then usually "iHerb" is mentioned later on?
You're not alone, I was in the same boat for months and months and moooonths! Up until December, when I received my first order from them. Usually I am against getting ingredients and whatnot online, simply because they can usually be obtained from more local sources, and thus it makes it more eco-friendly and you help out support your local shops, which is all good and well, right? But then, then there are these little intriguing ingredients that sound too good to miss out on, and that can only be found in some countries, which makes things a little more limited.

Right, all right! I placed an order, for a few things, cause they seemed really good and had been highly rated by other bloggers, and so I was most likely to not be let down, which would most certainly be a bonus!

From left to right in the picture here, you have PB2, Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, Weleda Pomegranate hand moisturiser, Cacao Nibs, decaf Chai tea with a sweet Thai coconut flavour, Porcini mushroon and truffle infused oil, Sierra Bee's pomegranate lip balm, and a freebie in the shape of a mini pen! I like when they do a little extra something like that *smiles*

I also thought I would feature the other bottle of Weleda body lotion I got, as it's obviously the same make as the moisturiser, but it was sold out on the website, so I got it when I was in the Highlands instead. It's got Sea Buckthorn in it, which I first encountered at the food show last year, BUT in the form of a chocolate truffle filling that time. It was amazing, not to sweet, slightly tangy, just..perfect! So when I saw you could get a lotion with it, there was no other way!

PB2, is a fat-reduced peanut flour, great if you want to make something snicker tastic, or exceptionally peanutty! I have used it in a couple of recipes already, and I reckon it is great! NOT as good as crunchy peanut butter, of course, but I love it anyway!Walden Farms calorie-free Pancake syrup, usually they have had very varied ratings, yet the pancake syrup is a big hit, and I can see why! It has an intense syrup taste, and so you only need a little bit to feed that sweet tooth of yours, it's great for mixing into yogurts as well as drizzling over your Sunday morning pancakes, mmmm! Then you have the Weleda hand moisturiser with pomegranate, which smells delicious! Weleda is knows for being good to particularly dry skin, and so this was much appreciated, and now lives at my workplace. S'important to take care of yourself! Pomegranate lip balm to go with my pomegranate moistruiser, mainly because I like pomegranate a lot, and they were out of the grapefruit one!

Chai tea, decaf and with flavours of Thai coconut. I was really excited when I saw this, and I think I might have gotten my hopes up because the taste was a little...different, less coconutty than I had hoped for, but still lovely, and definitely nice with some almond or hazelnut milk! Truffle infused oil that I have yet to try! It just...sounds so expensive though, and so I keep saving it for a special occasion, I should just get on it and drizzle some over a simple salad. I have never had truffles before actually, so I don't know what to expect - another excuse to try it as soon as possible! Then, there are the cacao nibs - Great for sprinkling over yogurts, cakes, cereal, but a little bitter just on it's own.

Also, in December, I was lucky enough to be the winner of Kriweb's ( advent calendar for the 18th! Due to it being so close to christmas back then, it wasn't until early this week that I got to pick it up, that's understandable though! The previous parcel only took about a week, which is really fast if you ask me! Anyway, the little box of goodies were filled with more PB2, Chocolate Chip Snackimals - a healthier type of biscuit. I love the packaging, and the biscuits themselves are lovely and crunchy. Very moreish, so don't ay I didn't warn you! I also got a freebie plastic peg - I have still to figure out what to do with it, hehe. Finally, there's my new obsession - the Quest Bar with Chocolate Chop Cookie Dough flavour - mighty heaven, they are divine! Almost like a hybrid between a chocolate bar and cake. I am trying as best I can to only have one a day, and to take my time with them, mmmmm.

Big chocolate chunks throughout the whole thing, who knew protein could be THIS sweet and delicious?

So, if you are now convinced to place an order there, feel free to use my personal promotional code for friends - FTM806 to get a discount on your first order. Saving a bit of money is a good thing, always - and it means you can treat yourself to that little something extra that you really shouldn't buy...but are totally going to anyway - Happy shopping!

Have you ever tried ordering from iHerb yourself, and what is your experience with it? Are there any particular items that you end up buying again and again that I should know of? I'd love to discover new goodies!

- Jules


  1. Enig i det du sier om at man heller bør handle lokalt enn å bestille på nett. Men jeg pleier å tenke at ting som må importeres uansett kan jeg like gjerne bestille på nett (i forhold til miljø). Og hvis jeg kan få det til halv pris av hva det koster i Norge må jeg, med min slanke lommebok, bare benytte meg av muligheten. Ellers synes jeg selvfølgelig det er bedre å handle lokalt. Har skrevet et innlegg med mine iHerb-favoritter, hvis du vil se hva jeg ender opp med å bestille om igjen og om igjen. Kanskje du finner noe som frister :D
    Ble en lang kommentar det her :P Men et tips til slutt: sjekk ut freebies, jeg tar alltid med en gratis leppepomade fra Sierra Bees når jeg bestiller.

    1. Hei du! Bare koselig med lange kommentarer da, settes alltid pris på :)

      Mange gode tips der! Ser at du bestilte kokosolje der, men der kan jeg muuuligens tipse deg, for her i Skottland fant jeg nemlig veldig billig kokosolje i en asiatisk matvarebutikk. Så hold utkikk etter slikt i litt alternative matbutikker, så slipper du og bestille sånne litt tunge ting på iHerb :)
      Den jojoba oljen så fancy ut, kanskje jeg skal bestille en sånn neste gang, liker såper og slikt som kan bruker både i hår og til dusj såpe (Slik som Lush sin "Happy Hippie"). Om man først bestiller utenlands er det like greit og bare hamstre littegranne, slik at det er en stund til neste gang, flyet går jo uansett, men om det fins lokalt - så tommel'n opp og high-five for det! Sierra lipsylen fikk jeg forresten gratis ja, penger spart! :D x

    2. Oooh, kanskje jeg skal sjekke ut nærmeste asiamarked! De tar opp litt for mye av vekta, ja. Jojobaolje er helt fantastisk på huden :)

    3. Sant? Betaler opp til nærmere hundrelappen for det på helsekost butikkene her, noe som er ganske dyrt for og være Storbritannia, men så fant jeg det til 25kr i Chinatown :D Håper de selger det der også, innpakningen er kanskje ikke like proff, men er jo akkurat det samme oppi :P Jojobaolje er notert! x