Thursday, 25 June 2015

naturlig godt! Review

Ragnhild is one of the loveliest people I know of. She has that raw, Norwegian passion, for life, love, for food and she always puts a smile on my face when I read her blog - which has become more and more of an inspiration for myself.

She combines more traditional vegan recipes with some pretty nifty new conbinations that you would never have dreamed of. I just hope that maybe she can also release a recipe book in English - maybe if you ask her pretty please, with a cherry on top?

I remember when she told us that she had bought herself a brand new camera, and that she had an exciting time ahead - I was so so curious, and then she announced it: She was going to publish a leaflet with delicious dishes, and I could not have been more excited! Finally I could get my paws on the recipes, and I didn't have to jot them down on little pieces of paper torn out from my abundance of notepads. I could simply just fetch it - do my food shop-planning, and off I went... on my own little mission.

I had already made a few of her recipes, such as her infamous and super-easy recipe for the BEST dark chocolate, four ingredients - and you're good to go! I made a Black forest version of it once, and have made many variations of it since, just check out my "sweets" section!

Raw pizza-bites, anyone?

Cleverly, she has divided it into three categories:
Breakfast - Lunch & Dinner - All things sweet!

This fresh, vegan strawberry milk was a treat! I can imagine that, along with some of her tropical doughnuts would be an amazing start to the day, come rain or shine - it's bound to put a smile on your face.... *daydreams*

Out of the dinner dishes, I have made the pizza bites that you saw above, as well as her "cauliflower wings" - who needs them chicken wings anyway? The sauce was absolutely delicious as well!

This is made with a sticky cauliflower rice in place of the traditional sushi rise, and you know what? It works a treat! Then there was the lovely salad feat. passionfruit tangerines and avocado!

Then, as you might have seen, I also made her vegan sushi!

Moving on to the sweet section - ah, just thinking about those delicious things! Most of them feature chocolate, and I cannot say I blame her! I also made her coconut ice cream, with my own little twist!

I can not wait to try all the other dishes that I haven't yet had the time to make, and if you speak or understand Norwegian, I would definitely recommend it!
Actually.... even if you want to learn a new language and make food at the same time, I am sure this would be a pretty good way of doing it too!

The photography is lovely, and Ragnhild got her brother to design the recipe collection and put it together - what a team!

Fancy a copy? Head over to her blog here, and in a few clicks - you'll have something magic on the way to you in the mail *smiles*

What are your favourite vegan recipes?

x J


  1. That vegan strawberry milk sounds divine!! I need to start trying out vegan recipes.. I just bought a spiralizer, and was thinking of making some kind of raw vegan noodles? If only this book was in English!!

    1. Hey! So glad you approve Missy! She has loads of nifty recipes for basic things like pesto, and cashew sour cream as well :)
      The strawberry milk is lovely, and it has natural sweetness from the almond milk!
      She also has spiralized courgette/zucchini in the book as well for a healthier type of, and you know what that means - extra pasta sauce :D Ha! Already Ragnhild has a second request for an English print ^ ^

  2. That looks like a delicious cookbook! Although I probably wouldn't get too far, seeing as I can't speak Norwegian :P The strawberry milk sounds tasty!

    1. It's not too late to learn another language ;) Heheh, yeh I have posted a couple of recipes from it on my blog, but obviously don't want to give away too many spoilers :) Thanks June! x

  3. Åååå dette var SÅ koselig å lese Julie! Tusen takk ♥ Så mye du allerede har laget!! Tusen tusen takk igjen ♡

    1. Ingenting og takk for, det er jeg som er takknemlig for alle godsakene du deler med oss, både på bloggen og utenom <3 :) God helg! xx