Sunday, 11 February 2018

My Trip To Prague

Behold! This might be a little bit of a long post, but bear with me!

I decided not to cut it up into three parts, so that those of you who enjoying reading travel pieces can get the whole shebang here, OR if not - scroll quickly past it! Either way, there will be food blogs in the coming.... I have just been away for a few days :)

My wanting to visit Prague, was mostly after having discovered the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy, the main character having a flat in Prague (we actually walked past the place several times on our way to Elsewhere!), also the little side novel called Night of Cake and Puppets all take place mostly within the Old Town - my favourite scenes being by the Devil's Stream!

Day 1
So on day one, we were just trying to navigate our way through the city.... Kev has been here once before, but it was a few years ago, so we needed a little bit of time to put the place into context!

In the DoSaB series, there are several seraphim (angel warriors) as well as chimaera - you can only imagine my delight when one of the first things I saw was two angels guarding a bridge....! Then we walked up to the giant metronome on top of a hill to get a good view!

Theeeeen, we found the Charles Bridge along with locks of lovers attached to various pieces on and around the bridge!

A Chimaera!

I was determined to only eat vegan - as at home I find it quite easy, so on the first day I was quiiiiiite hungry... But we found a little cafe, and later on a schweeet restaurant!

We found the Cat Cafe Prague in the early evening, and got our cat cuddles on (already missing Alphonse like crazy!)

Lo and behold! It turned out there was a really lovely vegetarian/vegan place right on the street where Kev had stayed on his previous trip here, only a few minutes walk from the cat cafe, yarr! I had the Pannang Curry - which was delightful ^ ^

Day 2
On the second day, we had learnt from our mistake the following day about finding food... And you know what? It turns out that a few minutes down from Hotel Astoria (where we stayed), there was a FOOD quarter! And it had a place called My Raw Cafe - amongst other eateries!
Kev got the savoury stuffed pancakes, and I got kelp carbonara! We both decided mine was a little bit tastier, and kelp was a really interesting and tasty texture!

Later in the day on the Charles Bridge, three statues were talking amongst themselves: "You've got to read this here book! T's called the Daughter of Smoke and Bone!"

Fancy fluffy pigeons on the bridge....

And we found this lovely magical place hidden out of sight on the other side of the bridge, right next to the main road that was packed of tourists! Dvur Umeni - an art cafe, where the woman who runs is was welcoming us warmly... brewing me a special mixture of a herby tea leaves "Oh, I just put a little bit of this and a little bit of that in..." and it was delicious! They also had light snacks and some pastries as well... AND she had built a small beach - Kiwi Beach, to be exact, and we got to choose if we wanted to have our tea and hot chocolate there, but afraid to somehow ruin it - we sat by a table, later on she insisted we sit in the beach and she snapped a photo of us! It was 25C degrees in there, and close to -5C outside!

If you ever find yourself in Prague, I'd check this place out - it is magic!

Sea shell sand and banana trees! It was ashame we had to leave, but the rest of Prague was awaiting!
Outside the air smelled of sugar and cinnamon, wafting down the hill and across the river - because on almost every corner they sold Trdelník.

Every night when we got back to the hotel, my hair and clothes smelled like smoke! Not in an unpleasant way.... just unusual - part of the Prague magic I guess!

Day 3
I had stocked up on bread rolls just in case... because... vegan! But on our last full day here, we had some left and they were so dryyyy! So I decided we could feed the pigeons on the Charles Bridge. But first a little pitstop to My Raw Cafe to eat cake!

Banana and chocolate cheesecake - yum!

Me feeding pigeons, and a man playing the didgeridoo! When I flung 50cr into his bag, he started singing, and later on when we passed, he played the recorder with his nose (for real!).

The Devil's Stream <3

I don't know the story behind this... Perhaps John L himself stopped by for a pint?

Nearby, this busker man was playing Beatles covers!

Since this was the last evening, we decided to splurge, and upon suggestion we booked a table at Kampa Park. It was stunning! And we were practically sitting on the river - the Charles Bridge right in the background and boats ticking by every so often....

Every day we wandered around, we found new nooks and crannies with hidden treasures! And I definitely want to come back some day... Perhaps when the weather is a little warmer, but regardless - I know a place with a beach, and there is always hot wine being served, so we're good *smiles*

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