Saturday, 22 October 2016

Vegan Carrot Smoked "Salmon" Bagels

Hey you!

I have been moving all this week in between working - thankfully we had a holiday at college this week, so I got an extra day to just get things together.

So... my boyfriend and I decided to carry everything to the new flat.... Yes - bad choice, I have been known to have a lot of things (I mean... who doesn't? OK, I will tryyyy and minimalise in the near future... promise!) and some of the stuff I just couldn't bring along, but I'm all set, and my goldfish also seem to love my boyfriend's pad. Sorted!

Anyway, today I have decided to dig up a recipe I made a good while back... It's from the amazing blogger Maikki's page - and therefore of course: vegan!

Vegan Carrot Smoked "Salmon" Bagels
(Makes about 4 bagels)

4 bagels
Cucumber, sliced
Spring onions, finely sliced
Dill, chopped finely
Lemon for squeezing

Carrot "Salmon":
3 large carrots, peeled
LOTS of salt (about 400g)
1 tbsp neutral oil (like sunflower)
2 tsp liquid smoke
1 tsp white wine vinegar

Vegan cream cheese:
100g cashew nuts
100g tofu, patted dry
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (can also use white wine vinegar as above)
1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional)
Pinch of salt

- Start by making the carrot "salmon", leave the peel on the carrot, and heat up the oven to 190C. Sprinkle half the salt in a baking dish, place the carrots on top, and drizzle over the remaining salt - yes I know this is a lot of salt - but trust me, it does work! Place in the middle of the oven and backe for 1 1/2 hour.

- Once done, cool and then peel the carrots and thinly slice them. Put them in a box with the remaining ingredients, mix well to combine and leave overnight to marinade.

- Next day! Blend aaaaall the ingredients for the cream cheese in a processor or with a heavy duty stick blender and transfer into a container until serving, store in the fridge.

- Now it is time to put it all together! Toast the bagels and then spread both sides with cream cheese, place the smoked carrot sliced on top followed by cucumber, dill and a good drizzle of lemon juice - and serve!

What is your favourite veganised food?

PS - hope you are having a fantasmic weekend! x

- Jules

Original recipe:


  1. Ahh!! I have been too busy this week to catch up on reading your blog! But today I have 5 mins before bed, so I thought I would see what you are up to!
    I know what you are talking about when having too many things on moving day. I seem to have 2 kitchens worth of appliances, so I needed to leave a lot behind for my tiny new place. So sad :(
    But this looks so tasty! I want to try some good vegan meals, and I love how many you have on your site. I need to try this sometime!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Cathleen! That's sweet of you to pop by before bed :) I am finally all settled down now, yes a few things need to be bought in - but currently all is well :) Heheh yeh, one can never have too many kitchen appliances! I just to a tortellini maker that I want to try out soon as well - yay! :D Today though, I have just been watching Gilmore Girls, cooked and bought a second hand CD player :P

      I'm glad you find this recipe intriguing! It is definitely something else :) Your Halloween treats look fantastic! Hope you have a great Halloween weekend! xx

    2. Haha, sounds like a perfect weekend!
      Also, I have been meaning to send you some pics of my grandmother's recipes but I haven't found the time! I will in the next few weeks though, so expect an email from me ;) Thanks again :)

    3. Yeh no problem Cathleen! 🙂 Looking forward to help you with the translations! Send as much over as you like 🙂 X

  2. Dette MÅ jeg prøve! Har sett flere varianter av denne oppskriften rundt om kring, og det høres og ser så godt ut. Og så sammen med "kremost" da- NAM!!!

    1. Fikk endelig laget mandel-ost :D Gøyt og lage annerledes pålegg :D xx