Sunday, 26 July 2015

Three-Year Blog-a-Versary!

....And currently I am stuck with no way of uploading the newest photos for recipes that I really am wanting to share with you *Sigh*

So I thought I'd go for the second best thing, and post a re-cap of the years gone by - perhaps it will inspire you to take a deep dive into my archive?

Falafel, my staple Dahl recipe, Sloppy Joe's, Pesto and Courgette Soup, Lentil Lice, and Norwegian skillingsboller

I started out posting up a lot of meat recipes as well, so for all you omnivores out there, feel free to check out the other recipes. I decided to mainly post vegetarian recipes as I now haven't eaten meat in almost five months.

Healthy Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mocha Cupcakes, the BEST Gingerbread Biscuits, Healthy Sweet Potato Brownie Mud Cake, and a less healthy Texan Chocolate cake here, my Top 5 Burger list, as well as a delicious Teriyaki dish.

Then I discovered that photos tended to look prettier if I took them vertically and not horizontally - you learn something new all the time!

Chocolate pudding (healthy even!), Summer Rolls, which I somehow called Spring Rolls - ah well! Norwegian Waffles, No-Rest Yogurt Bread (insomnia bread? Not quite, ha!), one of my favourite soups - Vichyssoise, along with a fragrant Indian-inspired Biriyani.

We have gone through seasons, celebrations, and holidays of sorts here - and I think it is really nice to have something like a blog to look back on... How the cooking has changed since I started, and how many delicious ingredients I have been introduced to over the handful of years I have been really passionate about cooking (the flame still going strong!).

Crab Tostada, Red Onion and Fig Reduction, Breakfast times, Pineapple Water, Clementine Softies, and St. Lucia "Lussekatter".

The reason for why I am posting so many photos here, is just in case anything should catch your attention, cause depending on what you are craving each day - you need something to just hit the spot! I tried to pick a varied collection here.... I hope you like it!

Edamame Sloppy Joe's, the face behind the blog, Potato Cakes with Smoked Salmon, Snicker Marbles, Spiced Bulghur, Peanut Brownie for One.

How about you? How do you think you have come along with your cooking? Have you found it easier to be more adventurous over the years, or had to adjust to a diet at all? I say everything in moderation, as long as you get your protein as well as your five a day - treat yourself every now and then! *smiles*

....Speaking of which... Stop counting calories! Granola - Perfect for yourself in the morning, or as a little present! Chia Puddings, Dark, Creamy Coconut Hearts, more breakfast (feat. Spice Cake), and a Peanut and Soy Stir-Fry.

A taste of Italy, German-inspired vegan Black Forest Chocolate, Roti Wraps (or pita) with Chilli Chickpeas and Chutney, Protein Bars in disguise, Ricotta Pancakes, and the first ever vegan cake I have made, it disappeared within minutes!

Peanut Marbles (the amount of marbles I have made over the years is silly really - but they're so good!), Savoury Pancakes with Home Made Mango Chutney, Artisan Crackers for those cheese and wine evenings, Banananice Cream, Easy Bean and Lentil Casserole, Fruity Flan Cake.

Over the years I have discovered so many amazing food blogs, and they have also had an impact on me, would you be interested if I wrote a list of my favourite food blogs at all?

Stir-Fry with Blackberries, Gul Kake (or Yellow Cake), Home Made Marzipan, Pear Pancake Stack, (Secretly Healthy) Frosted Banana Cup Cakes, and Katrina's Single Lady Banana Split.

As life goes on, food will always be a big part of life, having one of those bucket-of ice cream days, get together for a pick-me-up dinner, having a group of friends setting up a Pot Luck, come rain or shine - good food always makes bad days less... bad and good days even better!

Delicious Rainbow Salad, Citrus, Ginger and Coconut Smoothie, Peanut Butter and Tomato Sandwich, Coconut Pancakes... Needless to say I have caught up on coconuts since I started cooking - when I was little it wasn't my thing, unless it came in the shape of coconut macaroons, but now - anything coconut goes! The best Gluten-Free Bread ever! And last but not least the light Peanut Truffles.

The months before I became a vegetarian, little meat was consumed, which is probably more or less visible in the last couple of pictures here, and this from a girl who used to not even like onions...

Kolibri Egg (or colibri egg marzipan for Easter), Apple and Beetroot Soup, PB & J Smoothie, my Avocado plant - which I am slightly worried about at the moment... Fruity Berry Terrine and Tanzanian Mchicha.

So there you have it! A rather lengthy re-cap (for which I apologise...). I hope the pictures aren't too small!

Hopefully, I will keep on blogging in the future, I just need to get either the laptop or the USB for the cameras fixed so I can get going.

I hope you have had a great weekend, and that the Sunday is treating you well. I went to a fair yesterday and then a festival in town (it is all happening!) I love having both Saturday and Sunday off, I used to take it for granted, but now when I only get that every second week - I make sure to make the most of it! I made friends yesterday too, and there was this fantastic band called the Muldoons Ragtime Jazz that played as well.... So good! What have you been up to?

All the best!

xox Jules


  1. Er vel på tide at jeg får testet ut noen av disse oppskriftene jeg har siklet så lenge over nå! Siste dag av ferien blir tilbragt hjemme på sofaen under pledd, med te og netflix. 11 grader og regn ute. Hurra for norsk sommer! Håper alt er bra med deg :)

    1. Haha alt til sin tid ;) Her borte er det regn og... Skikkelig galt og guffent! Sukk! Er ikke rart det blir mye kokkelering her :P Alt er bra med meg, bortsett fra jobben, haha. Kos deg med te og Netflix, det var ingen dum ide :) xx

  2. So many amazing recipes! Three years is dedication--hopefully I will get there someday! :) I enjoyed taking a peek at some of your older recipes too!!

    1. Hey! Thank you ever so much June, I really appreciate it :) And you will definitely get there one day too no doubt :) Always forget how many recipes you have when you go back in time :) x

  3. YEY gratulerer!! Så kult at du har holdt på så lenge, og SÅ mye godt du har laget da!!! Du kan jo umulig spise det samme to ganger? ;)
    Gleder meg til mye mer inspirasjon fra din kant.
    Min helg har vært rolig og fin. Eller i går var jeg energiløs og slapp, men i dag har det vært en nydelig dag med lillegutt. Gleder meg dog til et sosialt liv igjen (med andre enn bare S ;)) når vi flytter til Sandefjord og gamle kjente og kjære.
    God kveld til deg!

    1. Hahah vettu, det sier pappa også - det er bare så altfor mye god mat og velge mellom, så da må jeg hele tiden prøve nye ting :) Tusen takk for gratulasjon Ragnhild :) Er bare så glad jeg får dele smaksopplevelser såvel som og bli kjent med andre mat interesserte, og jordnære mennesker :)
      Ååååh, ja det blir så spennende når dere flytter, gleder meg til og se deres nye krypinn :D Godt og høre at energinivået klatrer oppover ;) God mandag til deg! <3

  4. Happy blogiversary! Loving all that you do! Also, I love the title of the "Healthy Mutant Ninja Turtles". It is just making me want to make it even more :)

    1. Hey you :D Thank you so so much for your comment :) Really put a smile on my face :) Get them turtles made girl! xx