Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Frozen Raspberry & Almond Cups

From one sweet to another, here you have a different kind of frozen cups. Very different from the chocolate and peanut butter ones that I have posted in the past. These are delicious though! Before I froze them, I tasted the mixture, and it was really good! Remember to leave them out for a few minutes before eating them, so they wont be rock solid!

Frozen Raspberry & Almond Cups
(Makes 16 small ones, about 30 calories each, or 480 for the whole portion)

25g sukrin icing sugar (calorie-free) - You can use normal icing sugar too, it wont make that much of a difference
150g frozen rasberries
1 tbsp clear honey (I used acacia)
A dash of water
250ml fat-free yogyrt
25g sliced almonds

- If you're using a bread loaf and making one big portion, place a bit of cling film in it, to prevent the frozen yogurt from sticking. If using muffin molds, you don't have to do this. I used silicone moulds to make them easy to get out!

- Have the frozen raspberries in a bowl and sift the icing sugar over it, stir well before adding the honey and a splash of water. Continue stirring until well combined.

- Now, add the yogurt and the almonds and mix well, before pouring into moulds or tin loaf. Freeze the moulds for a couple of hours, or the loaf tin overnight, to make sure it's properly set. When serving, leave for a few minutes so it gets a chance to melt just a liiiittle bit, just the way we like it!

Original source:
Delicious Low-Fat Recipes, p. 123

- Jules

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