Sunday, 30 June 2013

Frozen Yogurt with Pistachio

Frozen yogurt, something I've never actually made before (until today!) and something that I always have gotten at SevenEleven or out of the supermarket.
I came across this delicious recipe the other day, and decided that I had to give it a go!
Next time, I will try and make it with agave syrup instead of the stevia, as I prefer the syrup taste. Pistachio icecream is a very common thing in Norway, but not in the UK, so I quite miss that, but now, I can get my creamy pistachio fix in the flat! Deeelicious!

Just remember to freeze down some well ripened bananas, and you're good to go!

Frozen Yogurt with Pistachio
(Serves 2, about 210 calories each)

200ml low fat Greek yogurt
1 medium banana, chopped and frozen
1 frozen spinach nugget or half a cup of fresh spinach
50g avocado
1 packet of stevia or 1-2 tbsp honey or syrup
1/4 tsp almond extract
9-10 shelled pistachios
A handful of icecubes

- Simply transfer all the ingredients above into a blender and whizz until smooth.

- Transfer to a small ice tub or a bread ting and freeze for a couple of hours before serving.

- Garnish with chopped nuts or serve with a sprinkle of syrup or sauce of choice, and enjoy!
Note that the nutritional information is based on using Stevia.

Deeelicious! Maybe let it sit for a few minutes before you tuck in!

On another note, I thought I would give a few tea recommendations! Who doesn't like a nice hot cuppa to start their day, or perhaps cuddle up with in the evening, unwinding from the day that has passed.

The first two are by Higher Living and are decaffeinated. They come in lots a good few different flavours. My favourite is Sweet Chai, Chamomile & Vanilla, and the Cinnamon. The Sweet Chilli tea by them was...not my cup of tea, literally! But the Sweet Chai is so irresistible, that I have run out!
The one of the right hand side, Yogi Yogi Chai - it is my ALL time favourite. You mix it in with hot milk, honey, agave, and let it brew for 5-10 minutes, and you have yourself a cup of heaven! I got this from a local tea house, Tchai Ovna. The house of tea is situated on a little charming lane hidden off in the West End of Glasgow, to visit their website, simply go to: They have a pretty good selection of tea there that you can buy online, Yogi Yogi included!

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- Jules

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